Decoration skills: five major points of daily maintenan…

1. Do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf and avoid sharp bumps and scratches. Do not use excessive force when opening or closing the door leaf. 2. Do not open the door lock with wet hands or splash corrosive solvents on the wooden door and door lock. Do not use excessive force when openi ......Reading more

Analysis of the Influence of Planting Wire Loss on Gear…

The diesel intermediate gears are subjected to a large unbalanced force during operation, and the force will move outwards under the force. At the same time, due to the alternating load and impact vibration, it is easy to cause the intermediate gear carrier to break, the wire is detached or broken ......Reading more

Which is better for KFC and steel doors?

The KFC door has the following advantages over the steel-wood door window: 1, water resistance, corrosion, flame retardant It can be used in industrial buildings where it is rainy, hot and corrosive. 2, good insulation Although the thermal conductivity of PVC is close to that of wood, beca ......Reading more

The United States is once again launching a larger rang…

The person in charge of a well-known photovoltaic company introduced that the goal of the US “double-reverse” included all the components produced in China, which is equivalent to the United States completely shutting down the half-masked door. The trade friction around the upstream and ......Reading more

The layout and use of spherical roller bearings

Home>Bearing knowledge>The layout and use of spherical roller bearings /*728*90 created on 2018/5/16*/ var cpro_id = "u3440131"; The layout and use of spherical roller bearings Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-01-28 /*250*250 was created on 2017/12/25*/ var cpro_id = & ......Reading more