New round of capacity growth in the machine tool indust…

Abstract Due to the drop in prices, a large amount of new capacity has begun to be passed on to the international market. In the first half of this year, the overall industry performance fell by nearly 20%. Some experts in the industry said that the CNC machine tool industry has become more c ......Reading more

Restaurant lighting considerations

When choosing a chandelier in a restaurant decoration, in addition to personal taste and preference, it is also necessary to pay attention to the analysis of the size and form of the chandelier with the overall style of the restaurant and the form of the table. Restaurant lighting considerati ......Reading more

Anti-theft nut structure

The birth of anti-theft nuts has brought good news to the public facilities and people's personal and property safety. At present, anti-theft nuts have been widely used. An object of the invention of the anti-theft nut is to provide a coupling structure that can connect the connecting members t ......Reading more

Yu Diamond: 2011 annual equity distribution implementat…

Abstract Yu Diamond announced the announcement of the 2011 dividend distribution implementation on the evening of May 15. The company's 2011 dividend distribution plan is: based on the company's existing total share capital, send cash dividends of 1.00 yuan (including tax) to every 10 ......Reading more

Which good infrared camera needs to consider?

Saying that a good infrared camera can not be separated from the number one night vision lens. However, when selecting a night-vision lens, we must pay attention to selecting a smaller F-number because the smaller the F-number, the better the night-vision effect will be. The selection of the night-v ......Reading more

Shale gas is the touchstone for China to break the ener…

Abstract The shale gas revolution has freed the United States from the oil crisis. In the 1970s, the global oil crisis caused the European and American economies to enter a period of stagflation. The price of crude oil more than ten times higher in the Middle East countries has caused the pro ......Reading more

Watery and clear colorless glass jade

Jadeite is a treasure of jade and is a beautiful and magical product of nature. It can not only be decorated, but also has ornamental and collectible values. Jadeite is a rock dominated by soda-alumina, which can be divided due to the different degrees of fineness and color of the rock. Many v ......Reading more