Home security anti-theft, smart lock is essential

At present, in the field of smart homes, smart TV is becoming an entry point for home entertainment. Smart TVs, smart boxes, smart speakers, smart routers, and other products are currently included. Currently, both LeTV and Xiaomi are building their own smart home ecological chain based on this. . ......Reading more

Out of Monopoly of Chinese Carbon Fiber

Introduction: In recent years, the domestic carbon fiber industry has made some progress under the support of the state, but in the face of fierce competition in the international market, the lack of independent research and development of core technologies still reveals itself. This has l ......Reading more

How does mango overcome big and small years?

Control the tip of the flower with a blunt blade in the smooth part of the trunk (tender skin) ring cut about 1 ~ 2 mm wide, deep into the xylem, use the brush to draw the flower king 2 cream smear ring cutting, so that the agent fully enter Cut the gap. The second time is used in the same way at a ......Reading more

Combustion Characteristics of Polymer-coated Nitramine …

The promotion of the technology polymer coating nitroamine-based composite propellant burning characteristics bookmark0 and difficult to promote the use. In order to increase the specific impulse and burning rate, it is necessary to develop a propellant with a high nitramine content. The method of ......Reading more

6 major decoration taboo What are the summer decoration…

For most people, due to the improvement of their living conditions, they are even more willing to make their days more comfortable by improving their living conditions. However, it is not easy to buy a house that they are happy with. Difficult to cause headaches. Despite its design and meticulous ......Reading more

Painter price how to calculate how to pick a good paint…

At home, paint is a very important part of this project, so paint construction also requires special attention. There are so many painters who have to learn how to choose a painter. No matter how good your materials are, if the painter is not selected, the whole effect will be greatly reduced. Now ......Reading more

The "12th Five-Year Plan" National Science an…

Recently, commissioned by the Department of Social Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China’s 21st Century Agenda Management Center organized the “12th Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Support Program for the “Environ ......Reading more