The right way to buy a safe

The right way to buy safes Today in the era of many safe deposit box brands, the quality of the safe box is uneven, for consumers, there is no certain expertise, the security box anti-theft performance is not a judgment It's easy, so it's not easy to buy safe boxes with high ......Reading more

How to prevent apricot tree neck rot?

The occurrence of apricot tree neck rot not only affects the yield, but also causes the death of apricot trees, and seriously affects the production and development of apricot trees. Apricot tree neck rot occurs mainly at the base of the apricot tree and is caused by a fungus. The pathogens overwin ......Reading more

I want to decorate the bathroom without leaking water.

The bathroom is the most frequent place for contact with water at home. The floor drain is absolutely indispensable! As the drain of the ground, its importance is self-evident. But for the installation of the floor drain and where is the best installation, can you clearly answer it? If you can ......Reading more

How to win in corporate culture

Summary Before you hire your first employee, the corporate culture begins to form and grow organically as your company grows to dozens of employees. The bigger the company, the more it needs to form cultural values ​​and practices to ensure that the entire team works together. S ......Reading more

Is acetone corrosive to FRP?

Q: Is acetone corrosive to FRP? Can I use a FRP fan to discharge acetone volatilized gas? Answer: Acetone is not corrosive to FRP. It can be used to discharge acetone volatilized gas with special solvent-resistant FRP fan. It is necessary to specify the FRP fan produced by so ......Reading more

Factors affecting surface roughness

Surface roughness is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of processed surfaces. It has a great influence on the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength and mating properties of the parts. However, there are many factors affecting the surface roughness during proce ......Reading more