6 major decoration taboo What are the summer decoration notes

For most people, due to the improvement of their living conditions, they are even more willing to make their days more comfortable by improving their living conditions. However, it is not easy to buy a house that they are happy with. Difficult to cause headaches. Despite its design and meticulous care, the home space eventually designed will have some regrets. At the same time, since the home aesthetic is a personality and emotional thing, it is often unpredictable. The six major decoration taboos must be understood ahead of time to prevent them from stepping into the home trap.

6 major decoration taboo which

1, ceiling can not be too heavy, too thick, too tight

Judging from the current situation, due to the limited height of the house, it is easy to give people a sense of depression. If a heavy and complicated ceiling is installed, it will give people a feeling of depression, congestion and suffocation, and it will be too fancy. The ceiling will also give people a kind of ballrooming tendency, which makes the quiet room bloated and complicated and loses the beauty of the warm static room.

2, the floor pattern can not be too rich or different shades

Feel free to use some three-dimensional geometric patterns or shades of different colors, easy to make the surface form a level of uneven visual sense, not only affect the overall effect of space, but also easy to produce visual deviation, resulting in children and children wrestling, causing great Security risks.

3, avoid the color of the floor and the furniture color is not coordinated

As we all know, a floor in a house is a product with a wide range of applications. Therefore, when selecting colors, it should be matched with other decorations and furniture and soft furnishings to avoid a large difference in shades of color and affect the overall effect of the room.

4, bogey too luxurious hotel orientation

A home improvement is good, the first is to see if it is warm enough and comfortable, so even if it takes a dozen or hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a very luxurious and beautiful effect, but there is no slightest atmosphere, the same will not be praised, at the same time It also undermined the original intention of home needs static Shuya.

5, home decoration should not be cluttered

Although we all love colorful flowers, but this colorful bedroom dress does not necessarily look good, but too rich colors will also affect the mood of the occupants, such as the color of the same room should not be too much, but different rooms are Can be placed in color, but also avoid garbling and disorderly.

6, furniture should not be thrown

As an indispensable object in the home, it has a great influence on the dress and utility of the whole. If a huge object is placed in the house and the color is painted deeply, the overall shape of the house will be destroyed, and the proportion of housing will also be imbalanced. Visually there is a lack of refreshment.

What are the notes for summer decoration?

Dressing up in the room during this season starts with emphasis on safety. For some flammable items, it should be placed in a cool, ventilated area. In addition, due to the rapid changes in the weather in the summer, we must also pay attention to the moistureproof of the material. In the dry place, of course, because the weather is too dry, the tile soaking process is also indispensable, so that there will be no emptying or shedding.

Summary: The above is about the six major decoration taboos which explain what knowledge, I believe that readers for the six major decoration taboo which has a further understanding, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult the small series .

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