Abrasives and abrasives enterprises should use this key to innovation

Abstract Our abrasives industry has three major characteristics: first, the entry threshold is low; second, the development space is large; third, it is easy to make it difficult. This industry has only developed so rapidly because we have been enjoying four dividends for so many years. The first is the policy dividend. change...
Our abrasives industry has three major characteristics: First, the barriers to entry are low; second, the development space is large; third, it is easy to make and difficult. This industry has only developed so rapidly because we have been enjoying four dividends for so many years. The first is the policy dividend. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, social productivity has been greatly released. Most enterprises have seized this historic opportunity, and those who dare to “test the water” have dug up the first pot of gold regardless of any industry. The second is the environmental dividend. In the early days of reform and opening up, people's awareness of environmental protection has not yet been formed, and relevant policies are not in place. Most enterprises do not pay attention to environmental protection, let alone environmental protection costs, and arbitrary emissions are common. Therefore, most enterprises operate at low cost. Rapid development. The third is the resource dividend. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, many enterprises have over-exploited and relied on resources in the absence of perfect national resource management, which has enabled enterprises to expand rapidly. The fourth is the demographic (labor) dividend. As a populous country, China is known for its surplus labor force, which is very suitable for Chinese labor-intensive enterprises. The cheap labor force makes the human resource cost low, and also makes the company's higher profit rate, which greatly promotes the development of the enterprise.

Today, with the improvement of market mechanisms, the deterioration of the environment, the scarcity of resources, and the aging of the population, these dividends have ceased to exist. In the new new situation, how should abrasive abrasives companies respond?

I. Innovation and Development (Innovation Bonus)

In the case that the dividends no longer exist, the development of the industry is fundamentally the most effective way is to innovate, to use this key, to open the channel for enterprise development.

1. Technological innovation. Due to the low barriers to the abrasives industry and the large space for technological innovation, the space for technological innovation is bound to be great. If we want to be strong, we must take a long road to technological innovation. Such as how to improve the quality of abrasives, from grain control, surface treatment, particle size distribution, integration of various materials, etc.; in the future fierce competition in the market, who can come up with new, high-performance products, who has the right to speak Who can lead the way.

2. Management innovation. Managing a business is a systems engineering, and the old management model is no longer adapted to the needs of today's rapidly evolving business operations. In the current fierce competition among enterprises, each enterprise must strengthen learning new knowledge, explore new management modes, effectively integrate various resources, adopt a flat management mechanism, maximize internal potential, and maximize benefits. .

3. Thinking innovation. The development of human society, the speed and level of technological progress, has become the mainstream of today's society. Our traditional concepts and modes of thinking have lagged far behind new and emerging new situations. This requires us to have innovative thinking and requires us to adopt a reverse-jumping thinking mode. In the new era of informationization coverage around the world, the Internet high-speed information fast lane makes the “global village” connection faster and closer. Some people have proposed "internet thinking" to meet the needs of today's enterprise development.

Second, put a good three passes

1. The production environment is closed. In any enterprise, the production environment is not only the window of the enterprise, but also the image of the enterprise. Whether the production environment is neat and tidy can fully reflect the appearance of the enterprise, the quality of employees, and the management level of the enterprise. It is also directly related to the quality and quality of the company's products.

2, product quality is off. Product quality is not the best, only better. In order to make the quality of the product have continuous improvement, we must always turn the quality off. The stability of the quality of any downstream customer determines the durability of the company's production.

3. Marketing is closed. Marketing is a channel for companies to realize value and is also the leader of enterprises. The marketing staff of the enterprise must be required to: integrity, friendship, and service. First of all, honesty is fundamental. Any company that has no market without integrity will lose everything. Therefore, enterprises must put integrity in the first place, so that not only will they have a broad market, but enterprises will go long. Secondly, marketers should be good at making friends with customers, change their minds, and they will gain the trust of customers. Customers will treat you with sincerity, and your path will become wider and wider. The third is service. This link is especially important. Today's marketing is more than service, and sales itself is service. Service is the commitment to the customer, it must be tracked and implemented, and the service is in place. This is a complete process. Each batch of products, the introduction of product performance, the connection with customer needs, soliciting customer opinions, dealing with any problems that may arise in the product, as well as the effects of product use, and continuous improvement programs, must be well-informed. , calmly deal with.

Looking at the situation of global economic development, the overall situation is silent, and the state of economic downturn is still continuing. Most companies are waiting in the wait-and-see, insisting on adjustment, waiting for opportunities, and ready to go. The turmoil in the local economic development of various countries will reverse the overall state of the economy. This is precisely an important period. What we need is to calmly think, stabilize our positions, analyze them carefully, and seek a way out. When the regular window flashes, grasp the opportunity firmly and take advantage of the trend. Opportunity is always a prepared person. (Author: Yuzhou Silver Star Abrasive Co., Ltd. Chairman Kang Genzheng)

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