Amazing tourmaline

Amazing tourmaline Tourmaline, also known as tourmaline and tourmaline, is a natural mineral resource. Its main producing areas are Brazil, India, China and Africa. At present, it is widely used in health products. So why is tourmaline so popular? Because of the special structure of the ore itself, it has a magical effect.

Relying on the special crystal structure, tourmaline has unique electrical properties, which will produce piezoelectric and thermoelectric effects, respectively, when the pressure or temperature changes. When the tourmaline or its products come into contact with the body, water, body temperature, and pressure that come into contact with the body will exert a significant negative ion effect.

Negative ions, also known as vitamins in the air, have the effect of adjusting the body's positive and negative ion balance. Negative ions can make people relax physically and mentally, activate cells, increase natural healing power, inhibit blood vessel cell aging or oxidation, increase body resistance, increase heart and lung function, increase metabolism, and eliminate harmful electromagnetic waves.

Tourmaline also has far-infrared function, which can activate the water molecules, increase the body's oxygen content, improve the microcirculation system, promote metabolism, balance the body's pH, so tourmaline is absolutely beneficial to the human body. !

At present, tourmaline products on the market are also many, such as tourmaline bedding, toiletries, clothing, protective gear, slippers, pillows, soap, cushions, bracelets and so on. Therefore, choosing tourmaline products with natural health benefits is the best choice for health products!

STAINLESS STEEL Wing Nuts are a kind of fastener nuts . The raw material is stainless steel(304/316). They have two hollow wings and it mainly used with the screws . 

It has a hold in the center and two projecting parts and that you can screw onto a bolt by using your fingers.

This kind of nuts made by stamping.And they can also made according to customers special request.

stainless steel wing nuts

stainless steel butterfly nuts

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Stainless Steel Butterfly Nuts

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