Application of Aluminum Deoxidation Process in Vanadium Microalloyed Steel

【China Aluminum Industry Network】 The quality of slabs determines the properties and surface quality of the finished products, and the quality of slabs is related to factors such as smelting composition design, refining soft blowing time, superheat, continuous casting mold type, casting speed and so on. The deoxidizing elements manganese, silicon and aluminum commonly used in production have progressively increased deoxygenation capacity. Generally, the following deoxidizers are used in converters: Fe-Mn, Fe-Si, Mn-Si, Ca-Si, Al, Fe-Al, and composite deoxidizers. Currently, the deoxidizer commonly used by Laiwu Branch of Shandong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is silicon-calcium-barium, which is inexpensive and has a low production cost.

The scholars of Shandong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. introduced the application of aluminum deoxidation and integrated stopper tundish protection casting process. The aluminum deoxidation of the converter adopts aluminum-manganese-iron, and the inclusions are subjected to calcium treatment by way of refining the calcium feed line to the molten steel before exiting the station, thereby increasing the floatation rate of the inclusions. At the same time, in order to avoid the clogging of outlets with inclusions at the outlet, causing a casting accident, a stopper-type tundish was used to ensure the smooth and directional operation of the casting process. After the optimization of the process, the entire smelting and continuous casting process is stable and straightforward. Inspection shows that the aluminum deoxidation process can significantly increase the deoxidation efficiency in the steel. The oxygen content in the finished product is less than 20×10-6, and the inclusion grade in the structure is significantly reduced.

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