Bathroom Tips: Picking the bathtub should be before the water circuit transformation

According to engineering construction personnel, the current common practice is for the owner to select the bathtub first, and the construction personnel will know the size before renovating.

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However, it is often the case that after the water circuit is reformed, the bathtub cannot be installed, probably due to inaccurate dimensional measurements. As the owner, should review the construction drawings and the actual size is consistent, in the measurement must also pay attention to the thickness of the tiles, these factors are taken into account in order to ensure smooth installation, under normal circumstances, the error within a few millimeters is not a problem, but A difference of more than a dozen centimeters definitely cannot be installed normally, and it can only be repeated.

The key factors for the measurement are the size of the upper and lower water and the spacing between the hot and cold water. The closer the location of the water outlet to the bathtub is, the higher the drainage efficiency is and the less likely it is to block. It should be reminded that if there is an elderly person in the family, it is not advisable to choose a bathtub with a high skirt. This is because it is not convenient for older people to enter or exit. In addition, a non-slip mat should be placed under the bathtub and a handle should be installed near the wall to prevent falls. inverted.

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