Comfortable effects designed using various color contrasts

Red + white + pink youthfulness

Red is the most eye-catching color, and red has a strong impact on the visual effect compared with the blue visually constricting effect. Therefore, when using large items such as furniture and curtains, it is necessary to pay attention to ease the sense of oppression, and control the amount of use to about 20% of the total amount, or do not use bright red. Instead, use gray or dark shades of red instead of gray or dark shades of red. Speaking of pink, it is not as strong as red, but it has a clear impression and can be used when it comes to cute, mature fashion. Gorgeous red, pure white, mature pink against each other, competing beautiful.

Gray + red attractive charm

The colors of the colorless series, represented by white and red, are suitable regardless of any color and do not appear cluttered. The gray and red colors that belong to the same colorless system are also excellent. The combination of red and gray, and the addition of elegant dark tones in a unified bright tone, will look elegant and modern. To "disclosure in peace," try this color scheme.

Yellow + orange sunshine warmth

The most vivid color is yellow. Yellow can give people a warm feeling. However, because it is as striking and eye-catching as red, the excessive use of vivid yellow on large items may be irritating. It is most appropriate to use a creamy yellow color for the background of a wall or curtain. Because it opens the eyes, it makes people feel that the room is spacious.
As a bright yellow color, gray and orange are preferred. If the bright yellow is grey, it will make people feel peaceful and live comfortably. Of course, if you want to make the room bright and colorful, you can also decorate the room with green.

Yellow + brown

Known as the most gentle match is yellow + brown, brown does not mean a single color, it is formed by adding black in yellow or orange. Because the yellow and brown colors are similar, they are easy to unify. However, there are many differences in colors. Even yellow and brown can not be said to match. There are yellow with a little green color and brown with reddish tint. If you want to pay attention to the sense of unity of color, be sure to choose the full color.

Blue + Purple Dream Combination

The blue-centered color combination is a home furnishing representative style that makes people feel comfortable. In cool colors, blue visually has the effect of shrinking and retreating. If used properly, it can make the room look bigger. For example, hanging clocks or decorative paintings on the walls will create a sense of depth in the space. Blue will be used on large items such as beds and will produce smaller effects than real objects.
Plus some purple look similar to blue. Smoke like a purple mist will give you the wonderful feeling of early spring. It can ease the deep blue and bring a sense of maturity.
The combination of bright and dark tones will produce a unique effect.

Blue + Purple + Contrast Orange

The combination of similar tones gives a stable impression, while the combination of contrasting colors has distinctive features. Adding contrasting colors also produces mutual support and harmony. The bright blue and orange are matched in a ratio of about one to one, which is the most intense combination.
If you want to slightly weaken the contrast, just change the color of one of the colors, or add some colorless color, the effect is not bad.

Green fresh leisurely

Green with a stable emotional effect is often used by people to decorate their homes. It has the effect of visual contraction like blue and it does not create pressure in the room. In addition, this color does not produce the feeling of temperature difference. Even if it is used in large quantities, it will not feel cold.
The most basic color matching method is to unify natural colors. Using a slightly darker tone can create a peaceful atmosphere.
In the room, the color is less turbid and the brighter green is the color. It will feel fresh. In order to contrast the bright green, you can also borrow black effects. However, if too much black is used, it will appear heavy, so the trick is to disperse it. Mature and stable - this match is very suitable for Asian aesthetics.

Yellow green + pink gorgeous cute combination

Yellow green young, pink cute. Combining the strengths of these two colors into one is a good example of contrasting colors. This match demonstrates the unique Asian style. When using contrasting and matching, the contrast is easy to be too strong, so the colorless color system was successfully used here, especially the effect of the black is stabilized. In addition, if it is a mild gray tone, it will also produce a sweet, cute effect.

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