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Common equipment for bearing ring casting

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-09-28

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Commonly used casting equipment for bearing rings are air hammer, crank press, boring machine, casting furnace and so on.
1. Air hammer air hammer consists of some work (piston, hammer and anvil), some power transmission (motor, pulley, crankshaft, etc.), some operation and fuselage (tightening cylinder, working cylinder, column and base); The rotary motion of the curved shaft causes the air in the compacting cylinder to be contracted or inflated; the air passes through the air passage communicating between the working cylinder and the tightening cylinder and the valve for controlling the air passage; entering the upper or lower chamber of the working cylinder; and then operating the hammer The movement of the pole.
The use of air hammer to produce bearing ring forgings; the first is small batch, larger ferrule forgings; free forging and hammer forging; operating noise during operation.
2. Crank press crank press has the main working organization (composed of crank, connecting rod, slider), transmission system (motor, pulley, drive shaft, etc.) and the fuselage; the motor rotates the crankshaft through the pulley; the crankshaft Turn the rod through the connecting rod to move up and down; then work.
The crank press is suitable for stamping of sheet metal parts, die forging of ferrule forgings (especially production line).
3. The expansion machine has some operations (pressing wheel, cylinder, rolling roller), some control (signal roller, air valve, control system, etc.), body composition. The ring blank is placed on the rolling roller during operation; The rotating rolling wheel is pressed against the ring blank under the effect of the cylinder pressure; the ring blank is deformed after the ring blank is touched; the ring blank and the rolling roll are rotated under the effect of friction; the ring blank is tightened and the wall thickness is reduced. ┐螅 ┐螅 被 被 饩 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢 恢瞥觯 瓿 瓿 兹 Φ Φ 恼 恼 恼 恼.
4. The heating of the casting furnace has great influence on the connotation quality, data utilization rate, production power, energy consumption, working conditions, labor intensity and environmental protection of the forgings. The quality of the heating depends on the layout of the heating equipment and the fuel. The current domestic heating furnace can be divided into coal stove, oil stove, gas stove and electric furnace according to the fuel type; the forgings produced by the coal stove account for half of the total output value; the electric furnace is less than 10%.
.1) The semi-gas furnace coal is incompletely incinerated in a semi-gas explosion furnace (incompletely incinerated product containing hot gas and coal fractions) is sent from the gas incineration port to the heating chamber; air is mixed with it during the feeding process. Incinerate.
Its layout is simple; the thermal power is higher than that of the reverberatory furnace; the working condition is much better than that of the reverberatory furnace; but the quality of coal is high; it is not suitable for coal that is easy to slagging.
.2) There are many ways to arrange gas stove gas stoves; most of the commonly used small and medium-sized gas stoves are mobile smoke exhaust. The process of incineration is that gas and air are well mixed in the incineration equipment; Incineration; the smoke from incineration is discharged upward from the flue adjacent to the discharge port.
It has a series of advantages such as high thermal power, simple furnace type, convenient operation and good sanitary conditions.
.3) The layout of the oil furnace is the same as that of the gas furnace; only the incineration equipment is different. It is more economical to use heavy oil as fuel; there is also the use of diesel oil. The oil furnace has high heat power; the working conditions and sanitary conditions are better than the coal stove; heating Fast speed; good quality.
.4) Induction furnace electric heating equipment is divided into three types: resistance furnace, induction furnace and electric arc furnace.
In the production of bearing casting; the first choice is induction furnace. The principle is: when the high-frequency communication current passes through the induction coil; an induced potential occurs around the coil; under the effect of induced potential; there is current activity in the metal bar; The resistance of the metal itself; the electrical energy is converted into heat to heat the metal bar.
At present, coal stoves are the most widely used; especially small and medium-sized plants; because of low cost; but poor labor conditions; low thermal power; therefore, many factories have improved their layout; such as horizontal reciprocating furnaces, etc. More; has high heat power, fast heating, environmental protection and other advantages; but equipment investment is large. Gas furnace heating is also better than coal stove heating labor conditions; environmental protection and other strengths; but the gas station construction one-time investment.
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