[comprehensive] grounding gas! Changsha sanitation workers wear personalized vests sell Meng call for environmental protection

Sanitation worker's personality waistcoat

"You throw garbage at the window. I'm in anxiously on the roadside." "I saw you throw it away, and my heart was broken." ... On April 4, many citizens discovered that many of the sanitation workers in the Wangcheng District of Changsha appeared on the vest. The grounding gas slogan reminds everyone not to throw it away. It is understood that there are 10 similar slogans that have been figured out by more than 2000 sanitation workers in Wangcheng District. These slogans received a lot of praise. Some citizens said, "This buzzword doesn't resent me but it's a bit shameful." Photo courtesy of Wangcheng District Sanitation Bureau

On April 4, in Wangcheng District, Changsha, sanitation workers wore a vest with a cute slogan. Photo courtesy of Wangcheng District Sanitation Bureau

Red Net Changsha April 5th message: "You throw garbage in the windows, I was in a hurry on the roadside." "I saw you throw me, my heart was broken." On April 4, many citizens discovered that the Sanmen City, Changsha, sanitation workers The slogans of "Sprouting" appeared on the reflective vest.

Why do these slogans appear on the uniforms of sanitation workers? "This is proposed by Director Wu of the Environment and Environmental Protection Bureau." Wangcheng District Environmental Protection Bureau staff told reporters.

There are more than 2,000 sanitation workers in Wangcheng District, and their daily work is very tired. In order to reduce their burden and call on the public not to litter, Director Wu urged all of them to think of 10 slogans. “We want to use uniformed slogans to make people love the environment. The current results are good.”

“Sometimes just finished sweeping the ground, some people throw litter and increase the workload.” On the morning of April 4th, the working sanitation worker Chen Manying said that her uniform wrote “The water cuts off even more. It's even better to throw litter." In this regard, Chen Man-ying said, "These slogans have written our voice."

These distinctive slogans have also been praised by the public. They all expressed that they must respect the achievements of the sanitation workers.

Mr. Shiquan Quan said, "This buzzword does not make me disgusted. Instead, it is a bit shameful. For us, the most basic point is to not raise trouble for others."

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