Correctly judge the symptoms of crop deficiency

Correctly judging the symptoms of crop deficiency and rational fertilization, and timely supplementing the fertilizers lacking in crops is very important and necessary to improve crop yield and quality.

The main symptoms of nitrogen deficiency are fine and short, the leaves are small and erect, the leaves are grayish green, the petioles, veins and cortex become red; the flowers are small and the fruit is small, the fruit is early and easy to fall off; the fine roots are more, the roots are less, the new roots are yellow, and the resistance Pest and pest resistance and drought resistance are weakened. Taking soybean as an example, nitrogen deficiency fertilizer during the growth period starts from the lower leaves, and the leaf color becomes lighter and pale green. Later, it gradually turns yellow and dry, and sometimes the bronze spots appear on the leaves. In severe cases, the plants stop growing and the leaves gradually fall off.

The main symptoms of phosphorus deficiency 1. The performance of phosphorus deficiency in wheat: the seedlings grow slowly, the roots are poorly developed, the tillers are reduced, the base of the stems is purple, the leaves are dark green, slightly purple, the small grains are small, and the 1000-grain weight is significantly reduced. 2. The performance of phosphorus deficiency in maize is: slow growth at seedling stage, obvious symptoms in the 5th leaf stage, purple purple leaves, short and small corn cobs, curved shape, premature baldness, most of the seeds are not full. 3. The performance of soybean deficiency of phosphorus is: the leaf color becomes darker, it is dark green or black green, the leaf shape is small, sharp and narrow, and it stands upright, the plant is small and the growth is slow. In severe cases, the stem may appear red, and if the soybean is deficient in phosphorus after flowering, the leaves will appear brown spots. 4. The performance of phosphorus deficiency in fruit trees is: poor fruit quality, slow growth, rare leaves, yellowish brown leaves, prone to early shedding.

The main symptoms of potassium deficiency are that the tip of the lower part of the crop turns yellow, and gradually turns yellow along the edge of the leaf. The veins on both sides of the vein and the midrib are still green. In severe cases, most of the leaves are yellow and the edges of the leaves are burnt. Cereal crops show weaker tillering power, soft stems and easy lodging. The leaves of dicotyledons are curled, gradually shrinking, and sometimes the leaves are broken, but the middle part of the leaves remains green. The quality of the root crop is reduced and the quality is poor. The fruit ripening period is inconsistent, the pulp is increased in wood, and the taste is sour and not good.
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