Deep well pump can work continuously for how long

Asia Fluid Network News is mainly composed of submersible pumps, submersible pumps, submersible motors, control cabinets and other components. It plays an important role in such fields as agricultural drainage, domestic sewage treatment, mine rescue and urban water supply. So deep pump work status how? Deep well pump can work continuously for how long? This for deep well pump users, the product selection will certainly have a very important impact. Deep well pump can work continuously for a long time Deep well pump is the most prominent feature of the motor and pump into one, it is immersed in the groundwater wells to pump and pump water, is widely used in farmland irrigation and drainage, industrial and mining enterprises, city to Drainage and sewage treatment. As the motor dive into the water at the same time, so the structure of the motor requirements than the average motor special. The structure of the motor is divided into dry, semi-dry, oil-filled, wet four. Working hours to see the environment may not have a specific time. Look at the normal machine is not overloaded on nothing. Deep well pump is a kind of small water pump from deep well, which belongs to the single-sided into the wood multi-level eight-style centrifugal force. Part of the pump body placed in the well below the surface, the power machine placed in the wellhead to take BU 'root length of uranium transmission and through straight down to the mine, driven screw pump impeller rotation, the water output from the hole to the well. As the groundwater level is deeper, exploration drilling pump needs higher lift. However, the size of the well is smaller and the lift of millet is limited by the diameter of the impeller. Therefore, deep milking is multi-staged, while El has a tubular structure with a long stem. The well pump impeller is immersed in water and does not have to be flooded before start-up. As a result, it is easy to manage. When I asked the well / irrigated area in the North / Deep well pump a lot of types, but the structure is more or less the same. Jc Tian deep well pump has the advantages of high efficiency, stable performance and fierce paper system compared with the J type and the Sichuan type exploration gear pump. It has replaced J type and JD type deep sweat pump, Pump Gao this series pump. Pump users generally know that there are many types of deep well pumps. Different types of products may not be the same in working conditions and working performance, so there is no standard to determine how long a deep well pump can work continuously. Deep well pumps rely heavily on their parameters when working, and if they are to ensure that these parameters are in their normal working environment, deep well pumps should be able to maintain normal and efficient work efficiency.

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