Development trend of aluminum alloy casting

[China Aluminum Industry Net] 1. Development trend of energy saving and environmental protection Melting furnace adopts a new furnace type and refractories masonry to increase insulation effect, increase thermal efficiency, make full use of waste heat and reduce overall energy consumption. For example, the smelting furnace adopts a regenerative automatic control combustion system, magnetic stirring, and a split furnace door, and electrolytic aluminum liquid is directly applied as a raw material; desulfurization and dust removal and smoke and dust emission are reduced. Energy conservation and environmental protection are inevitable trends in the development of casting.

2. Development trend of pure melt The internal quality of the ingot depends on the purity of the melt, ie the melt gas content, the slag content should be as small as possible, the impurity content should be as low as possible, and the grain refinement effect should be better. The holding furnace adopts a tilt type to reduce the drop and impact of molten aluminum to reduce the secondary pollution and turbulence. The furnace bottom permeable brick or rotary rotor degassing system is used for melt purification, and an on-line purification system with good effect and stability is adopted.

3, the development trend of the casting mold using low-level crystallizer and automatic control casting, especially the use of automatic lubrication or graphite plate (ring) of the gas-slip crystallizer casting, can improve the surface quality of the ingot, especially high magnesium aluminum alloy. Improve the straightness of the surface of the ingot and reduce the thickness of the shell, reduce the amount of machining such as ingot sawing, tailing and milling, and increase the casting yield. The use of the automatic controlled casting pulsed water technology for the casting of hollow ingots can solve the problem of "squeezing the core" and reducing the crack at the bottom of the hard alloy ingot.

4. Development trend of reducing production costs The production efficiency will be improved by optimizing the production process, increasing the production efficiency and reducing the metal burning. Rapid melting and isothermal smelting are used to reduce metal burns. Some aluminum alloys can use electrolytic aluminum as raw materials. Aluminum processing companies directly purchase ingots and cast coils for hot and cold rolling can reduce production costs.

5, to enhance the development trend of casting technology Large-scale ultra-high strength alloy casting, electromagnetic casting, intelligent casting, etc., application of composite casting, not only save energy but also improve production efficiency and yield.


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