Does the baby need to buy a dining chair? Need to buy a solid wood dining chair?

Every baby is a little angel who is loved by the whole family. The growth of the baby every day affects the hearts of the whole family. When the baby grows up day by day, the family is both comforted and troubled all the time. This is not, many mothers want to buy a dining chair for their own baby, and buy a material dining chair on the Internet for a lively discussion. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Need to buy a dining chair?
Many people (especially the elders) feel that there is no need to buy a children's dining chair, the baby grows fast, and soon the dining chair can't be used. However, some children did not buy a dining chair when they were young. If they were 5 years old, they still need adults to chase after feeding. They are not standing on the stool or standing. If eating outside, it will greatly affect other people's meals. A baby is like a piece of white paper. How do you cultivate ta, ta will develop a habit. The old saying goes, "Look at the age of three," using the dining chair from an early age, and cultivating the child to sit on the dining chair knows that he has to eat. When he gets the meal, he should finish it in the dining chair. After eating, he can leave the dining chair to play. After the big, you can grow into a good young man with a ceremonial ambition.

From 6 months to the age of one year, the baby is the best time to cultivate a meal at the same table with the parents and elders. If you come to the age of one to cultivate the habit of sitting in a meal, the difficulty will be greater. Because at that time, on the one hand, the baby's physical needs were reduced. On the one hand, his interest became more and more extensive, and he did not concentrate most of his interest on eating, so don't miss this opportunity.

What kind of material to buy a dining chair is better?
There are two main types of dining chairs on the market today, plastic and solid wood. Many mothers are also arguing over the material.
We may wish to first sort out the following considerations for selecting a dining chair:
1. If the seat is stable and the base is wide, the chair should not fall over easily;
2, the edge is not sharp, can not have a place to hurt the baby;
3, the depth of the position is suitable for the baby to use, the baby can sit on the space to move;
4, fruit trays and other accessories are plastic products, should choose non-toxic plastic, and hot water will not be deformed after brushing.
5, treasure chairs are generally equipped with safety equipment, must use safety equipment for the baby, including seat belts and strong buckles across the baby's thighs and through the legs, the seat belt should be able to adjust the tightness, And every time you adjust, you must be strong enough. If the baby chair has wheels, the wheels should be lockable.

In summary, the solid wood dining chair is strong, stable, and has many functions. In addition to being a dining chair, it can also be taken apart as a desk, which is very practical and has been welcomed by most mothers. Plastic dining chairs, mothers generally feel that it is easier to clean, not easy to breed bacteria, but not necessarily safe material and not as solid as the solid weight is also the mother's spit point. Xiaobian searched a large number of netizens' comments. It seems that most mothers still think that the solid wood dining chair is better than the plastic dining chair. Because the function is more powerful and strong and resistant to falling, Xiaobian recommends moms to choose the baby. Solid wood dining chair.

So, young mothers, go and pick a suitable dining chair for your baby, let your baby grow up happily! Want to know more about solid wood dining chair information in GO Home .

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