Environmental upgrade! Enterprises are ready to "can't pick up"

Abstract This year, China's real industry needs to face the "two sessions" in March, the "Belt and Road" summit in May, the BRICS summit in September, and the fourth quarter smog in recent years...
This year, China's real industry needs to face the "two sessions" in March, the "Belt and Road" summit in May, the BRICS summit in September, and the fourth-quarter smog conference in recent years.

The "highest specification in history" environmental protection inspection team was established
On February 15th, the Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining and three deputy ministers will personally lead the team, claiming that the 18 highest-level 18 inspection teams went to six provinces (cities) to carry out the first quarter of 2017 air quality special inspection. The news that the manufacturing industry trembled came out in two days!
Referring to the official website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, it was found that the “highest-scale” environmental supervision supervisor has a total of six members. Among the five deputy ministerial officials, Zhou Ying, chief of the Discipline Inspection Team of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, is the chief engineer of nuclear safety. He was appointed as the deputy minister and concurrently served as the director of the National Nuclear Safety Administration, Liu Hua. The other three deputy ministers were Huang Runqiu, Zhao Yingmin and Yan Qing.
The targets of this inspection are clearly defined in 18 cities, namely:
Hebei Province, Hebei Province, Hebei Province: Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Baoding, Tangshan, Handan, Xingtai, Zhangzhou, Hengshui Shanxi Province: Taiyuan, Linyi Shandong Province: Jinan, Dezhou City, Henan Province: Zhengzhou, Hebi, Jiaozuo, Anyang is not difficult to find, air The 10 cities with relatively poor quality are all listed.

The wind is blowing, seeing the factory smoke, check
According to Xinhua News Agency, on February 16, the inspection team visited a total of 137 departments and enterprises, and found 33 problems. Shijiazhuang, Zhangzhou, Tangshan, Hengshui, Linyi, Anyang, Taiyuan, Hebi and other cities have been criticized by the environmental inspection team.
On February 15th, the Mianyang Inspectorate Group sent a total of 19 people from 4 groups, and carried out a key inspector for the 17 points. Team leader Tang Jian saw that a company was smoking and immediately decided to investigate on the spot.
In Guilin, Guangxi, the inspector team investigated and dealt with the illegal construction of hydropower projects in the Qianjiadong Protected Area, which was shut down and shut down for a total of 370,000 yuan. 32 people in Guilin and Guanyang counties were held accountable, including one administrative account. I remembered 3 people, warned 17 people, warned about one person, and talked about 10 people.
In Tangshan on February 16, many business owners have been informed of the news that the unannounced visit team started operations at two o'clock in the afternoon. All enterprises strictly enforce the production limit, and the program factory posts at the door, while ensuring compliance with the standards to ensure that no problems occur.

2017 environmental protection or more stringent
Bao Xiaobian noticed that this year the environmental protection department did not idle even during the Spring Festival. On New Year's Eve, Minister of Environmental Protection Chen Jining is still busy discussing environmental issues. On the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, he hosted a meeting on the national air quality situation during the Spring Festival holiday and deployed the air heavy pollution process to cope with the related work. Just before the inspection team set off, Chen Jining hosted a special meeting on air pollution prevention and control in the first quarter.
2017 is the final year of the implementation of the first phase of the “Atmosphere Ten”, and it is extremely urgent to ensure the successful completion of the “Atmosphere Ten” target. In the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, in 2016, the annual average concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing was 73 micrograms per cubic meter, exceeding the national standard by 109%. Beijing has to complete the task of “average concentration of PM2.5 in 2017 reaching 60 micrograms per cubic meter in 2017”, which means that it will fall by nearly 20% on the basis of 2016 this year.
What is even more unfavorable is that this year is still the peak of China's summit. The real industry needs to face the "two sessions" in March, the "Belt and Road" summit in May, the BRICS summit in September, and the conventions in recent years. The fourth quarter of the haze conference. It seems that 2017 is not a leisurely year for the steel, cement, paper, packaging and printing, stone and other industries.

Whether it is necessary to upgrade the environment, the enterprise is in a dilemma
In 2016, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group rushed around the country and carried out a thunderous sweep of numerous small and medium-sized polluting enterprises. However, in all parts of the country, there are still many enterprises that fail to meet the standards or whose original environmental protection facilities fail to meet the new standards, and continue to produce after the rectification order is issued.
In a few months, the time for rectification given by the environmental protection department is approaching. Should companies spend hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions to purchase or upgrade environmental protection facilities?
This year, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises will surely fall under the environmental protection trend. Some companies that have renewed their environmental protection facilities are also faced with soaring raw material prices and uncertain economic prospects. Therefore, if the country does not carry out large-scale burden reduction or financial support, more and more small and medium-sized entities will choose to close. However, after the environmental protection trend, there may be more clear springs. For example, since the steel industry went to production capacity, it has achieved results last year. The performance of listed steel companies has improved overall and 80% of the company has achieved profitability.

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