Experts Analyze the Investment Wind That Will Set off in the Paint Industry

The business club reported on December 7 that the global economic recession has caused the sales of the paint industry and products to suffer. However, the Asia-Pacific region’s gross domestic product and paint production have recently increased by more than 10%. China is the most powerful growth factor. The process of urbanization in China is accelerating, and the construction, automotive, and furniture industries are rapidly developing. The annual consumption of paint applications continues to grow. Even with the global oversupply and the high cost of producers in other parts of the world, the Chinese market will continue to be a major investment area for paint giants, and the future capacity of the paint industry will continue to expand.

With the favorable information of various economic indicators in the third quarter, there have been continuous measures to increase the production capacity of the paint industry, and there have been significant signs of profit in the coatings industry. What is even more important is that the rapid development of the Chinese paint market has brought many factories up to production caps and it is therefore necessary to build new production facilities. In paint, Aksu. Compared with Nobel and Nippon, the global paint giants, Xuan Wei’s strategic expansion in China has fallen slightly behind.

In addition, regarding important coatings in terms of raw materials, it was reported from Celanese on the relevant coating network on October 27th that it will expand the production capacity of vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer emulsion (VAE) production facilities at the Nanjing Integrated Base. . The new investment will support Celanese's continuous development of the polymer emulsion business throughout Asia, including China, India, and Southeast Asia and Australia. By then, VAE production capacity in Celanese Asia will double. The 150,000 tonne/year carbon black expansion project in the carbon black plant of the American carbon giant giant Cabot Tianjin has been completed and put into production.

China will become a major market for the future growth of the global paint market. On the one hand, capacity expansion has to serve the increasingly escalating coating market in China, but it also requires local technical support that matches the product supply. For Celanese, the increase in production capacity of the emulsion business is the latest in a number of Celanese investments in China.

At present, Nanjing has become the largest integrated base in Celanese's global production network. The Celanese Polymer Emulsion Business Unit not only has been thriving in China, but is also expanding into Asia, including India and its neighboring countries, and Southeast Asia, as well as Australia. It is worth noting that the chemical giants' exploration of the Chinese paint market is not limited to the expansion of production capacity. The sustainable development in the Chinese coating industry chain and related markets is of utmost importance. Giants seem to be more interested in placing important integrated bases or R&D centers in China. This also shows that the giants attach importance to the Chinese market.

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