Graphite packing

  Graphite packing medium: suitable for alkali solution, viscous liquid, water, steam, gas, hot water and salt liquid. Supply form: 5Kg / box packaging. Specifications: Temperature 450C, PH value 4-10, line speed 10m / s, pressure 80bar, density (g / cm3) 1.4 and so on. Applicable equipment: dynamic seal, mainly used as a filler for pumps and valves (boiler feed pumps are especially suitable). Industry: General purpose graphite packing. Medium: Suitable for alkaline solutions, viscous liquids, water, steam, gases, hot water and salt solutions. Graphite packing is mainly made of various reinforcing fibers, wire (steel wire, copper wire, nickel wire) and other reinforced graphite wire. Suitable for static sealing under high temperature and high pressure conditions. In addition to a few strong oxidants, it can be used to seal hot water, superheated steam, heat transfer fluid, ammonia solution, hydrocarbons, cryogenic liquids, etc. It is mainly used for valves, pumps and reactions under high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistant media. The seal of the kettle. It is also a unique universal sealing packing. Graphite packing for boiler feed pump (asbestos graphite packing) Features: High-quality asbestos graphite packing is coated with graphite and fully immersed in oil, with good rebound and good lubricity. Boiler feed pump graphite packing suitable equipment: dynamic seal, mainly used as a filler for pumps and valves (boiler feed pumps are particularly suitable). Industry: General purpose graphite packing.

'Graphite packing use

Bookbinding is the process of connecting individual pages of a book into a single volume. 

The history of bookbinding started in the first century with religious codices that were printed on vellum and bound.

This technique was the beginning of bookbinding and the same concept is still used today. 

Hot-melt adhesives have advanced so much that the term [perfect binding" is now used to describe all adhesive binding

Our spine glue has high adhesion, weathering resistance and impact resistance

It has the  Environmental certificate. it is convenient to be used. energy-efficient.

It has no bad smell. no much smoke.

milk white hot melt spine glue/ back glue for bookbinding

Milk White Spine Glue

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