Haier family water ecosystem: let wisdom control into people's livelihood

Texas Instruments (TI) announced on May 23 in Beijing that it will introduce the ZigBee SoC chip CC2538 with integrated ARM Cortex-M3 MCU for smart meters, HVAC control, constant temperature control and display, sensor networks, and intelligent lighting gateway applications.

Wu Jianhong, TI's MCU business development manager in China, said that the CC2538 complies with the ZigBeePRO, ZigBeeSmartEnergy, ZigBeeHomeAutomation, and ZigBeeLightLink lighting standards. Also support whether you have such ideas? Bathing, heating, washing clothes, drinking water, if there is a system that can use them to connect them together, they can be unified and deployed. It will certainly be convenient to use. money. Recently, the reporter saw a system like this in the Haier exhibition area at the just-concluded Fair of the Fair. It integrates hot water supply, house heating and water treatment, and is complemented by water purification equipment to ensure the safety of drinking water. It is the Haier Smart Home. Water ecosystem.

“There is a system like this that is good at home, and it can be solved with hot water and drinking water. There is a lot of peace of mind.” Ms. Liu, from Chengdu, said with emotion after she saw Haier’s smart family water ecosystem. According to the reporter's understanding, due to restrictions on the supply of hot water, the Chinese people use cold water more, and they lack a clear understanding of drinking water and the use of water. In Europe and the United States, the use of hot water is as high as 90%, which is of particular concern for the health of drinking water.

However, it is difficult for ordinary water heaters to provide all hot water supplies for the whole family including bathing, washing clothes and washing vegetables at one time, and they do not have the function of purifying drinking water, but consumers also have to pay for the high electricity bills for long-term heating. Unbearable, "There is more hot water in the house, and now there are small and old ones, especially when it's hot. If you use it, you should always have hot water. If you keep using electric heating, it's too expensive. There is a way to save money and hot water," Ms. Liu told reporters.

In response to this potential demand from consumers, Haier Water Heater has innovatively developed a smart family water ecosystem, which has made it possible to change the domestic hot water supply structure and improve the family's water use habits. Different from the simple energy supply mode of traditional water heaters, Haier Smart Home Water Ecosystem has two heating methods: solar energy and heat pump, and it prefers more energy-efficient solar heating. Only when it cannot meet the requirement of hot water supply, will it start the heat pump heating. mode. “The Haier Smart Home Water Ecosystem can maximize the supply of hot water for the four seasons. Compared to a single product portfolio, energy saving can reach more than 40% without worrying about high electricity bills,” said the person in charge of Haier’s water heaters.

The reporters found that the smart home water ecosystem debuted in the Fair has mainly included the provision of hot water, heating, clean water, soft water, and recycled water utilization. The user can use the intelligent matching function according to their own needs to build a product portfolio. It's no worse than worrying about the waste of purchase money brought about by idle functions.

Apart from the system's hot water solution, the intelligent control of Haier’s smart home water ecosystem allows people to feel the difference in living experience brought about by technological progress. This system can remember the user’s water temperature, Bathing time and other usage habits, intelligent identification, automatically provide the appropriate hot water, early open the bath mode before work, home will be able to take a hot bath, so that at home from now on one more "invisible hot water intimate housekeeper."

Under the background of the improvement of living standards, people have put forward higher requirements for household water use. Smart, energy saving, convenience, and cleanliness occupy the mainstream trend. The research and development of Haier's intelligent household water ecosystem will no doubt satisfy these needs. As the world’s fourth consecutive champion of white electricity, Haier will trigger a new hot water upgrade revolution in the industry.

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