Hebei Feilong factory direct plastic color brick mold hydraulic machine price concessions

No need to use pallets, and any product can produce any color pavement tiles, lawn tiles, U-shaped drain tiles and 1.2 meters long, 0.6 meters wide, 0.4 meters thick, no need to use pallets, and any products It can produce any color pavement tiles, lawn bricks, U-shaped drain bricks, and roadside stones and shoulder stones with a length of 1.2 meters, a width of 0.6 meters and a thickness of 0.4 meters. All of them can be produced with more than 20,000 pieces and more than the new machine. All the features of the model are the most ideal equipment for the production of high-grade cement products in large cement products factories.
Feilong Plastic Mould Factory provides you with roadside stone mold making, slope brick mould and highway guardrail processing, well cover mould making and brick machine pallet supply. Our factory has strong technical strength and is a well-known enterprise in plastic mold factory. Please contact us to contact us.
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The Wire Thread Insert is made of high-hardness and corrosion-resistant steel wire with a diamond-shaped cross section. It is a spring-like internal and external thread concentric body. The outer thread is screwed into the thread groove of the wire screw sleeve, and the inner thread is connected. The standard internal thread used for fastening the piece has a cross-sectional shape of a combination of two internal and external threads. The wire thread inserts are divided into two types: Free Running Insert and Screw Lock Insert.

wire thread insert

wire thread inserts

wire thread

Thread Insert

Thread Insert,Helical Thread Insert,Helical Coil Insert,Helical Insert

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