Home security anti-theft, smart lock is essential

At present, in the field of smart homes, smart TV is becoming an entry point for home entertainment. Smart TVs, smart boxes, smart speakers, smart routers, and other products are currently included. Currently, both LeTV and Xiaomi are building their own smart home ecological chain based on this. . The lock market is represented by the cloud smart lock as the representative of the smart home industry. Apart from being mainly used in the security of the door, it also plays a different role in people's smart home life.

Children go to school for supervision and supervision. Child safety is a huge market. Currently, there are many smart hardware products in the field of child safety, which are mainly used for children's protection against loss or companionship. For example, children's smart watches, such as children's intelligent anti-lost shoes, children's smart story machine and so on. Smart locks can also supervise and protect the children according to their children's entry and exit records, so as to supervise whether the children go home on time or sense whether the person is safe. This is also a high-frequency normal use scenario for smart locks, and parents can easily monitor and protect their children without repurchasing smart hardware products. Why not?


Elderly health and rest management and monitoring. Prior to this, the news repeatedly reported that the elderly who lived alone passed away at home and the children who had left home were discovered in a few days. If you have a smart lock, you can push the home elderly person to go home every day, and can check the entry and exit records at any time, you can know the old man's schedule, and infer whether the elderly are out activities, or whether there is no long-term activities, according to This can roughly determine the physical condition of the elderly in the home, thereby reducing the chance of the elderly accident. As a smart lock, it can also be a parental product.

As a home security center, prevent other security incidents from happening. In fact, each of us has a lot of needs. People's demand for entertainment makes smart TV a new favorite in the living room, and people's need for the most basic security can also create a huge market space. With intelligent locks as the entrance, it is not impossible to build a smart home safety ecological chain. For example, in the next generation of smart locks, more sensors are added. When an abnormality occurs in the indoor temperature or a gas in the air exceeds the standard, a remote alarm is performed on the user's mobile phone to prevent the occurrence of fire and gas leakage accidents.

In this new market full of ideas and hopes, a wide range of new anti-theft smart lock products at home and abroad through various ways to accelerate the introduction of home security anti-theft, smart lock is an essential product.

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