How does mango overcome big and small years?

Control the tip of the flower with a blunt blade in the smooth part of the trunk (tender skin) ring cut about 1 ~ 2 mm wide, deep into the xylem, use the brush to draw the flower king 2 cream smear ring cutting, so that the agent fully enter Cut the gap. The second time is used in the same way at another interval of 20 to 30 days. This method can be used to control the shoots, promote flowers, regulate nutrition, increase the fruit set rate, and at the same time improve the disease resistance of fruit trees and promote the prosperity of the tree.

Preservation and fruit preservation 1. Flowering bee pollination, 15 boxes of bees per hectare orchard; in the case of few bees, artificially assisted pollination. 2. In the pre-flowering period, the young fruit period, and the fruit expansion period, the self-regulating nutrient matching of the fruit and the fruit will be self-regulated to avoid the phenomenon of falling flowers and fruit caused by insufficient supply of flowers and nutrients. It has a significant effect on the preservation of flowers and fruits. 3. Mango flowering and young fruiting period encounter low temperature and rainy weather (temperature below 11.5 °C) and last for a long time, then the flower is seriously damaged. The flower spikes are killed and there are a large number of deformed fruit, which is easy to cause natural shedding. Spraying a new high-fat film on this amount can alleviate the rainy days and heavy rainfall, which will adversely affect the growth of mango and help restore physiological vitality.

The flowering and thinning mango has a large amount of flowers and consumes a lot of nutrients. Therefore, timely flowering and thinning is one of the important measures for high yield and quality.

Fertilization management Mango's expansion period needs to apply strong fruit fertilizer to promote the rapid expansion of mango, and also prevent cracking and fruit drop caused by the poor supply of mango nutrients.

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