How to buy red sheets to clean red sheets do not fade

In our traditional Chinese traditions, when there are happy events in the family, red is the main thing, and red is the meaning of celebration and auspiciousness. We believe that everyone has slept in red sheets, but some people do not know the red bed sheets in the feng shui respect, here we come to understand, red sheets to buy and how to clean the red sheets do not fade content.

Buying red sheets

1, color

Red can be said to be common in our lives. For example, marriage in China traditionally arranges red things in every part of our house, red sheets for marriage, red envelopes, and red suits for brides. . The red is intense, and it can give people a feeling of excitement. People who are depressed are best to choose to use this kind of bed.

2, material

Then the red bed sheet should pay attention to the quality of the selected fabric. The red sheets have different kinds of different fabrics in terms of quality. The comfort of each fabric is different. The best choice to give us the feeling is soft, comfortable, breathable, but also durable and durable, if you choose such a red sheet will definitely add to your life unlimited wonderful.

3, style

In life, you should not underestimate the style of decoration in your home, as well as the items you use. These are the styles that can show the quality, work, and life of homeowners. Choosing a red sheet can also represent an individual's personality, such as a character that is like a lively one. The style of the red bed sheet pattern can be chosen to give people a comfortable, elegant and beautiful appearance.

How to wash red sheets do not fade

1, bed linen will come to be cleaned once, but some people are afraid that improper cleaning causes red sheets to fade, add some salt in the water which can avoid or reduce the fading of the sheets, first we will soak the sheets with brine Hours or so, then wash with detergent soap. If there is still faded condition, then use light salt water to soak for half an hour during the second cleaning, and then after washing, dry the bed sheet and cover the bed sheet in reverse. The sun is shining in the clothes and the clothes are overcast. In this way, it will be possible to completely solve the problem of fade.

2, then you can also use the family's food vinegar to solve the color of the red sheets, generally the same color as red and relatively bright can use vinegar, bed sheets with vinegar to add some detergent to soak it, not too long, Then wash with water. There is to pay attention to the concentration of vinegar water should not be too high, otherwise it will cause some damage to the fabric, to some light-colored linen quilt dyeing.

Summary: With regard to the purchase of red sheets and how to clean the red sheets, the relevant information is introduced here. I hope this helps everyone. If there is something that you do not understand, you can pay attention to more content. If you want to learn more about building materials, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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