How to choose household hot water circulation pump - circulating pump models and parameters

1, home hot water circulation pump installation: domestic hot water circulation pump installation is the domestic hot water circulation pump hot water pump impeller mounted directly on the motor shaft, the axial dimension is short, Compact structure, reasonable configuration of the pump and motor bearings, can effectively balance the radial and axial load pump operation, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the pump, low vibration and vibration. Domestic hot water circulation pump specifications and parameters of more models in the selection of domestic hot water circulation pump need to pay attention to the point there are many. Home hot water circulating pump how to choose (Asia Fluid Network) 2, domestic hot water circulating pump selection Note: Domestic hot water circulating pump selection from time to time, the main need to note the following: 1) hot water circulation pump structure Vertical structure, import and export of the same caliber, and located in the same center line, the valve can be installed in the same pipeline, with the installation of feet to increase the stability of the pump, compact appearance, small footprint, the construction investment low. 2) The hot water pump impeller is installed directly on the long shaft of the motor, the axial size is short, the structure is compact, the configuration of the pump and the motor bearing are reasonable, and the radial and axial loads generated by the pump operation can be effectively balanced so as to ensure the operation of the pump Smooth, low vibration noise. 3) Heat pump shaft seal with mechanical seal or mechanical seal combination, the use of imported titanium alloy seal ring, medium-temperature high temperature mechanical seal and the use of carbide material, wear-resistant seal, can effectively increase the service life of mechanical seals. 3, domestic hot water circulating pump models and parameters: 1) circulating pump model: IRG15-80: flow rate (m3 / h): 1.1; head (m): 8.5; : 2900; Motor power (kw): 0.18; NPSH 2.3 :; Weight (kg): 17; 2) Circulating pump Model: IRG20-110: Flow rate ): 8; Efficiency (%): 34; Speed ​​(r / min): 2900; Motor power (kw): 0.37; NPSH: 2.3; Weight (kg): 17; : IRG20-160: Flow rate (m3 / h): 2.0; Head (m): 7; Efficiency (%): 34; Speed ​​(r / min): 2900; Motor power (kw): 0.18; m) 2.3 :; Weight (kg): 17; 4) Circulating pump Model: IRG25-110: Flow rate (m3 / h): 1.8; Head (m): 16; Efficiency (%): 25; ): 2900; Motor power (kw) 0.18 :; NPSH: 2.3; Weight (kg): 17; 5) Circulating pump Model: IRG25-125: Flow rate (m3 / h): 2.5; Head (m): 15; Efficiency (%): 34; Speed ​​(r / min): 2900; Motor power (kw): 0.37; NPSH: (Kg): 25; 4, domestic hot water circulation pump maintenance: domestic hot water circulation pump installation and maintenance easy, without moving the piping system, simply remove the pump joint nut can be extracted all the rotor components, according to the requirements The flow and lift need to use the pump string, parallel operation, but also according to the requirements of the pipeline layout using vertical and horizontal pump installation. This article is published by Asia Fluid Network Editor, please indicate Asia Fluid Network, Service Hotline:, QQ:,

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