How to distinguish between steel doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows

According to foreign research data, high-grade plastic steel doors and windows have been used in Europe for more than 30 years. Royal Plastic profiles have been tested for accelerated aging tests for 6000 hours according to European standards. The performance has reached and surpassed the requirements of European newer EN12608-2002. It is undisputed in the profile. Let Xiaobian talk to you about the difference and performance of the two. First, the durability of foreign research data shows that high-grade steel doors and windows have been used in Europe for more than thirty years, Royal plastic profiles according to European standards accelerated aging test 6000 hours, performance and greatly exceed the European newer EN12608-2002 requirements, in The profile is second to none and it is beyond dispute. Aluminum alloy doors and windows on the durability of the aluminum alloy itself is good, but because the dowels, rail material is non-aluminum metal, the practice shows that electrolytic corrosion occurs, many old aluminum alloy doors and windows are not flexible to push and pull is caused by this reason. Second, the strength of high-grade plastic doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows in the wind pressure is almost the same in Shanghai, the Royal brand steel doors and windows have been used in more than 40 multi-storey residential buildings, fully meet the requirements of anti-typhoon. Third, the sealing of high-grade plastic doors and windows due to the high precision machining, frame fan lap design sophisticated, seamless welding around the corner, like the Royal brand steel doors and windows of the soft and hard co-extruded technology, is the plastic strip and the form together to produce, There is no gap and the assembly process is simplified, and the airtightness and dustproofness of the entire window are good. High-grade plastic steel doors and windows have an independent scientific drainage system equipped with a windshield to prevent rainwater from pouring back. As the aluminum alloy doors and windows are widely used to interpenetrate the rubber strips, due to the contraction of the rubber and plastic strips, gaps appear at the corners of the fan, so the sealing performance is reduced. Fourth, water permeability [PAGE] High-grade plastic doors and windows have better waterproof performance than aluminum alloy doors and windows. The frame of the plastic door and window is welded and there is no problem of seepage of the window itself. Installation uses a variety of waterproof materials, such as: polyurethane foam sealant, embedded in the outdoor side of the hollow slot sealant, the inner side of the neutral silicone sealant. The aluminum alloy door and window joints are installed using a single cement mortar, the frame is no other waterproof technology, the window itself is riveted frame, there are gaps, easy to seepage. Aluminum alloy drainage holes directly contact with the indoor, can not prevent the rain backwater. Fifth, the surface color of aluminum alloy surface treatment: anodizing, coloring; electrophoretic painting; powder coating; fluorocarbon paint spraying. Plastic profiles can also be colorful. In addition to the spraying technology (fluorocarbon coating and DuPont coating), ASA and PMMA are co-extruded on the surface, and can also be used for imitation of wood grain film. New surface treatments such as wooden windows are widely used in the processing of plastic steel profiles. 6. The thermal conductivity of plastic profiles for thermal insulation is 1/1250 for aluminum alloys and 1/357 for steels. The same two rooms, rooms with plastic steel doors and windows, are about 5°C higher than aluminum alloys in winter and low in summer. Around 5°C, the energy saving effect is very obvious.

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