How to identify genuine and fake Germany Ville pump

[Asia Pump Network hearing] Germany Ville pump Germany is well-known brand of water pumps, has been used for 140 years of history, precisely because of this, the market is not pan with a shoddy situation, then buy the water pump How to identify true and false? The following is a method of authentic German Ville pump authenticity. How to identify the true and false German Ville pump 1; see trademark; Ville pump Chinese registered trademark for the 'Ville'. English is 'WILO', such as 'Ville' and 'new Ville' 'WILE' 'XWILO' are fake. 2; see the manufacturer's name; Ville (China) Pump Systems Co., Ltd. 3; see color; Ville pump for the registration of protection 'Wilo Green', soft color, natural, moist. 4; Each province has Ville company's agents. There will be no fake Ville. It is best to buy the agents there, the price is fair, quality assured. The above is the identification of authentic German Ville pump method, these are for your reference. Read more: China Building Water Exhibition Pump Valve Tube Fittings Exhibition Water Expo Xiamen Maritime Exhibition Internet + Forum Yiwu Expo Industry Interconnection (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Duanhui (QQ / WeChat: 2355962924) (service hotline: 400-6030-811)

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