Interception of Suspected Transgenic Rice Seedlings in Hunan for Analysis of Genetically Modified Foods

Yesterday, the Changde City Agriculture Bureau of Hunan Province deployed a special law enforcement inspection within the city to find 5 suspected GM rice varieties. Why does the GM crop endanger human health? Xiao Bian takes you to analyze the principles of GM crops that harm human health.

On March 16-17, the Japan Daily reported that the supermarkets in Hubei and Hunan provinces were exposed to detect GM rice. Yesterday, the reporter of the “Daily Economic News” was informed that the Agriculture Bureau of Changde City, Hunan Province, has deployed a special law enforcement inspection within the city to find five suspected genetically modified rice varieties, including Wuhan Jiuhuan and Wuhan Huihua. Sannong Seed Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wuhan Huihua Sannong), and three kinds of seed industry companies such as Wuhan Dunhuang Seed Industry [18.12 -1.58%] Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dunhuang in Wuhan).

Among the companies that discovered the sale of these suspected GM rice seeds in this surprise inspection, they involved the controlling or joint ventures of many listed companies including Dunhuang Seed Industry (600354, SH), Huiji Group [1.93 0.52%] (00610, HK), etc. the company.

Yesterday, the listed companies did not respond positively to the suspected GM rice seed incident. It is understood that the final test results will come out next week.

Genetically modified crops harm human health principles:

1. Foods that have been contaminated by radioactive seeds and contaminated with radioactive substances:

The process of cultivating genetically modified seeds is a process that is contaminated by radioactive materials. For a long period of time, the cultivated land will be used to disperse seeds that have been contaminated by radioactive materials. The cultivated land will be contaminated by radioactive materials, and the growing crops will also be contaminated by radioactive materials.

Every day people eat foods that have been contaminated by radiation. People who eat irradiated foods every day and eat large quantities of foods containing radioactive materials for a long time can cause serious damage to the human body. This is equivalent to long-term exposure to large amounts of radiation, just as humans receive large amounts of X-ray radiation every day.

Radiation will directly harm the human reproductive system. As for other injuries caused by radiation on the human body, there are many articles related to it. Everyone can look for it.

2, insect-resistant BT protein, liver and kidney injury, due to liver and kidney detoxification.

3, herbicides, injury to the human reproductive system. Because the herbicide is not biodegradable but soluble in water, it will inhale the crop from the root with the moisture, and then enter the body with the food. Or as the genetically modified feed enters the animal, it enters the body along with the meat.

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