Introduction to induction lamps

The electrodeless lamp belongs to the fourth generation of lighting products, no filament, no electrode, and is an abbreviation for electrodeless gas discharge fluorescent lamp. Compared with traditional light sources such as energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps, and high-pressure sodium lamps, it has remarkable advantages. Electromagnetic induction lamp is a high-tech product developed by the latest scientific and technological achievements in the fields of applied optics, power electronics, plasma science, magnetic materials, etc. It is a high luminous efficiency, long life and high color rendering, representing the future of lighting technology. A new light source in the direction of development. The induction lamp is divided into a high-frequency stepless lamp and a low-frequency stepless lamp, and the principle of illumination is basically the same, but there is also a big difference.

The main difference between the two is:

working frequency

High-frequency induction lamp: 2.65MHz, which is 2713.6 KHz, generally externally coupled.

Low-frequency induction lamps: 230KHz and 140KHz, generally in-coupled.

The development direction of the electrodeless lamp is lower frequency and longer life.

Domestic enterprises have produced 140K low-frequency electrodeless lamps, which has already taken the lead in the world.

Light effect

In the case of ensuring the color rendering index Ra=80:

The luminous efficacy of high-frequency electrodeless lamps is generally 70Lm/W.

The efficacy of low-frequency induction lamps is generally 75Lm / W. The higher the power, the higher the light efficiency

But the high-frequency electrodeless lamp of the same power is more efficient than the low-frequency electrodeless lamp.


Power range of high frequency electrodeless lamp: 15W-200W

Low-frequency electrodeless lamp power range: 15W-400W

Low frequency electrodeless lamp

Lamp shape

High-frequency electrodeless lamp: spherical, cylindrical, screw split lamp, low power screw integrated lamp.

Low-frequency electrodeless lamps: ring, rectangular, and low-power screw-integrated lamps.

EMI electromagnetic interference

Induction lamp products can be detected by electromagnetic interference regardless of high frequency and low frequency.

The electrodeless lamp is a high-tech product developed by applying the latest scientific and technological achievements in the fields of power electronics, plasma science and magnetic materials science. It has long life, high light efficiency and high color rendering.

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