Jin Jiuyin fifteen gold industry clever use "following mentality"

During the festive period, it is the hardware companies' promotion activities that are the most concentrated. Each hardware company is also using its products to attract customers. At this time, standing at the forefront of the battle for consumer warfare, the quality of the hardware guide will be a crucial part of the 11th promotion campaign. Prompt grinding*, unpleasant and light. The following will teach you guide some sales skills, I hope to help everyone.

When friends go to the market to buy food, there will be such a mentality: Whoever is surrounded by people, who are you going to buy? The same is true for consumers who buy hardware products. If you have a large number of guests, he must think that your family's products are good, although he has no understanding of your family's products. This is the legendary "following psychology."

The congregation refers to the fact that the individual under the pressure of the real or delusional group, cognitively or in action, takes the behavior of the majority or authority figure as the criterion, and then strives to conform to the phenomenon that tends to be consistent in behavior; it includes both ideological congruences. It also includes behavioral congregation. Under certain conditions, herd behavior is difficult to avoid because there is not enough information or accurate information cannot be collected. Selecting strategies by mimicking the behavior of others is not a big problem. Sometimes imitation strategies can effectively avoid risks and Make progress.

Scholar Ashi once conducted a herd mentality experiment. As a result, only one-quarter to one-third of the test population did not have herd behavior and maintained independence; the same was true of animals, and mice migrated in groups. When a frightened rat jumped off a cliff, other rats would follow it blindly. People tend to be affected by the behaviors of the majority of people beside them and feel congenial when the situation is relatively good. When they encounter a crisis, they will be confused and follow the public.

Different types of people, herd behavior is not the same degree. In general, women are more numerous than men; there are more introverted and inferior people than extroverted and self-confident people; there are more people with less education than people with higher education; younger than older people; social experience Shallow people are more than people with rich social experience.

"Hidden psychology" is also applicable in the sales field. It is actually a psychological activity of the customer purchasing process. The popular explanation is that "people are in a cloud" and "flowing with the big crowd"; everyone thinks that I also think so; everyone is so To do it, I will follow suit. For a hardware store, if it can effectively grasp and mobilize the mindset of the customers in the purchase behavior, it will definitely help hardware sales.

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