Maintenance knowledge of solid wood flooring

The solid wood floor material is mild and the foot feels comfortable. It can make the room beautiful and elegant, but the solid wood floor is more delicate than other floor materials. When using the solid wood floor, we must pay attention to its maintenance.

Solid wood floor maintenance:

1. Keep the floor dry and clean. Do not mop the mop with water or scrub with alkaline water or soapy water to avoid damaging the brightness of the paint and damaging the paint film. In case of ash or dirt, use a dry mop or wipe with a wrung wet mop. Apply wax once a month (or two months) (clean the water vapor and stains before waxing).

2, if the heating leaks or the ground has water stains, it must be wiped clean in time, can not let the sun burst or directly baked in the electric oven, so as not to dry too fast, the floor cracked.

3, the lacquered floor can not live for a long time, should not be covered with plastic cloth or newspaper, the film will become sticky and lose luster after a long time, while avoiding hot water basin, hot rice pot and other things directly on the floor surface, Apply wood or grass mat to avoid scalding the paint film.

4. If the surface of the floor is inadvertently stained, it should be removed in time. If there is oil stain, wipe it with a rag or mop, warm water or a small amount of washing powder. Also use neutral soapy water and a little washing to scrub. If the stain is serious, this method is invalid and can be gently wiped with high quality sandpaper or steel ball. If it is a stain of a drug, drink or pigment, it must be removed before the stain penetrates into the wood surface. The cleaning method is to wipe with a soft cloth dampened with furniture wax. If it is still invalid, it must be rubbed with a steel ball and furniture wax. If the surface of the floor layer is burned by the cigarette butts, use a soft cloth dampened with furniture wax to wipe it back. If the ink is contaminated, it should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in wax. If it is invalid, it can be wiped with steel ball and furniture wax.

5, after the laying of the paint floor, try to reduce the sun directly, so as not to cause excessive exposure to ultraviolet light, premature cracking and aging. Place furniture on the floor with rubber or other soft objects to prevent scratching the floor paint.

6. If the floor is lifted or peeled off during use, the floor should be taken up in time, the old glue and ash should be removed, the new glue applied and compacted; if the individual floor paint film is damaged or exposed, 400 can be used. No. Water sandpaper, soapy water, then wipe clean. After drying, apply partial color. After drying, apply a lacquer again. After drying for 24 hours, polish with 400 water sandpaper, then polish with wax.

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