Male and female hormone imbalance caused male men really will die?

In early March, news reports said that relevant US researchers found that the commonly used herbicide “atrazine” would cause male frogs to become female frogs. This news can not help but think about whether men in humans will also change their gender due to environmental changes. The phenomenon of infertility reported today is increasing, and men are the majority. Is it also the beginning of men's weakening and even demise?

Imbalance between male and female hormones leads to male female sex

A doctor at the Shanghai Center for Reproductive Medicine believes that if men's estrogens are disturbed and their body's androgens are reduced, men's gender is blurred, which is entirely possible.

There are also estrogens in men. The most active one is estradiol, and one adult man can produce 30-40 micrograms of estradiol per day. So what's the use of estrogen for men? Dr. Yan analyzed that estrogens in males can improve male brain function and balance the development of male brains. They are less likely to experience mood swings and improve language and memory skills.

"However, if the men's estrogen is over-expressed for various reasons, men will become 'feminized'." For example, after the female demon in Thailand, taking female hormone drugs for more than a decade, the physical characteristics of men will gradually shrink, Beard and body hair do not grow. The male penis becomes short and small, and the skin becomes delicate and shiny. The buttocks and chest are well-developed, flexible, and taller, taller and taller than ordinary women. Of course, this self-male destructive approach is only an extreme case. However, no one can deny that, in real life, there are more and more "feminization of men".

Probably around the year 2008, the Japanese writer Masayuki Sawazawa appeared with the word “Herb Male”. Later, Niu Jiubao of Japan published a book entitled "The Herbivore is Changing Japan." In his pen, there is a kind of young and gentle men. Their greatest identification is their attitude toward sex and the opposite sex: they will not actively pursue love or sex! Instead, she likes to keep pace with the girls and is not disagreeable with sex. This herbivorous man, it is clear that the estrogen in her body has a certain degree of excessive, so lack of "offensive" and vaguely shows the characteristics of certain women.

So why are estrogens in their body exceeding the standard? Excluding the reasons for artificially taking estrogen, what are the ways to increase estrogen levels in their bodies? For example, atrazine, a herbicide, causes male frogs to become female frogs. Does that lead to men becoming women?

What makes men feminine

Interference 1: plastic products

Dr. Yan told reporters that foreign estrogen interference may have started from the time of boy embryonic development.

For example, during a woman's 8 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, exposure to a chemical similar to female estrogen, phthalates, creates a crisis in the normal development of male embryos. Although the plastics industry insists that phthalates are safe, the EU has banned the use of multiple phthalates in cosmetics, teething rings, and children's toys. However, pregnant women are still exposed to phthalates because they are used to soften the plastic of household items such as plastic furniture, shoes, PVC flooring and shower curtains. They can also penetrate plastic bags into food and drink.

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