Overview of the principle of piston metering pump knowledge

The plunger metering pump directly draws in and discharges the working medium (yellow) through the reciprocating motion of the plunger. With both the plunger and the seal in contact with the media, choosing the right plunger material and seal form will ensure that the pump will perform optimally during operation. Plunger metering pump includes valve pump and valveless pump. Plunger metering pump because of its simple structure and high temperature and pressure and other advantages have been widely used in the field of petrochemicals. Plunger material is stainless steel, ceramic oxide, ceramic oxide has high corrosion resistance and high hardness wear characteristics. Aiming at the shortage of high-pressure medium under the condition of high pressure, the valve-less rotary plunger metering pump has been paid more and more attention. It is widely used in high viscosity medium such as syrup, chocolate and oil additives Metering added. Due to the structural disadvantage of being unable to achieve complete isolation between the metering medium and the pump lubricant, the plunger metering pump suffers from a number of limitations in high contamination prevention fluid metering applications. Plunger metering pumps are used to precisely and accurately deliver liquids that do not contain solid particles to pressurized or atmospheric vessels and piping. Different types of plunger metering pumps can be assembled according to the requirements of variable frequency motor (which can receive 4-20mA current signal) or explosion-proof motor. Plunger pump head structure is simple, economical, high measurement accuracy, the need to select and maintain a good seal. Automatic lateral alignment between the plunger and the seal ensures minimal wear between the two. SJ1-S-type plunger metering pump Features: Single head maximum flow: 50000 l / h; maximum discharge pressure: 50MPa; steady-state accuracy of ± 1%; Medium viscosity: 0-800mm2 / s; conveying medium temperature up to 450 ℃ the above. For more product information and price requirements of metering pumps, other instruments are solenoid valves, spectrophotometers and more.

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