Parents' hearts and minds are free of touch and children's room decoration has skills

The safety of children is the most concerned topic for every parent. Children can't avoid wrestling, but how can they make their children grow up healthily? These hidden dangers can be avoided in your home. Many corners and furnishings in the home may cause the child to bump, which may cause damage to the baby and may lead to some "home diseases." Mom and Dad look at it!

Children's room decoration When purchasing furniture, the corners and handles of the furniture should be free of edges and sharp edges. The corners of the table and chair should be chosen to be round and obtuse, and there should be cotton sleeves and other decorative decorations on the edges to prevent running around. The chasing child slammed into the sharp table and chair corner.

In addition, the child is curious and active, and the furniture is likely to be the object of children's play. Therefore, the bolts and screws in the assembled furniture need to be firmly connected to prevent the children from disassembling themselves.

The folding chair may pinch the child during moving or colliding. To this end, folding tables and chairs should be equipped with protective devices to avoid pinching and being turned over by children. Parents should buy a folding table and chair with a safety cord or lock switch. At the same time, the toy frame should not be too high, otherwise the child will be easily tripped and injured when picking up the toy.

Nowadays, some children suffer from "cross-eyed eyes", many of them are caused by children lying in bed for a long time, and improper placement of indoor items. When the child was awake, he liked to use his unclear eyes to search for the target. He looked around and looked at it once he caught the target. Over time, he formed a "cross-eyed" eye.

Mother and child health expert Xu Zhengyi reminded the baby's mothers that the average baby's visual distance is only about 25 centimeters, so anything that is not close to him can't be seen clearly.

Therefore, when parents buy toys, it is best to buy a toy that will rotate and can be hung on the baby's head, so that the child's line of sight will not always stay at one point. Moreover, the baby room needs to have a comfortable lighting environment, the lighting should not be too strong, the reflectivity of each side of the room should be appropriate, the light is soft and there is no glare.

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