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Introduction of the whole people's praise system:

Quanmin Zan is a rewarding task platform for making money part-time on mobile phones, where you can quickly take orders and make tasks to make money, and also quickly publish tasks and promote projects. Quanmin Zan APP has been released on Android and Apple official versions, stable and reliable. You can withdraw cash if the balance of the task is over 1 yuan. Currently, only Alipay cash withdrawal is supported.


Description of the awards for the whole people:

1. Get money every day: You can get cash red envelopes every day after signing in, no routines, no ads.

2. Do tasks to earn bounty: the platform provides many simple small tasks, you can get a reward after completion.

3. Earn money for apprentices: 1 yuan for friends completing tasks for the first time, 1 yuan for completing novice tasks, and 1 yuan for friends withdrawing cash for the first time; .

4. Easily withdraw cash: you can withdraw cash to Alipay for over 1 yuan, and easily make pocket money.

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