Seamless Steel Pipe Plant Introduces Geological Drilling and Seamless Steel Pipe for Oil Drilling

The Seamless Steel Tube Plant describes the use of seamless steel tubes for geological drilling and oil drilling to determine the conditions of underground rock formations, groundwater, oil, natural gas, and mineral resources, and uses drilling rigs to drill wells. Oil and gas exploitation can not be separated from drilling wells. Seamless steel pipe for oil drilling for geological drilling is the main equipment for drilling, mainly including core outer pipe, core inner pipe, casing, drill pipe and so on. Because the drilling pipe is required to work deep into the depth of a few kilometers, the working conditions are extremely complex. The drill pipe is subjected to stress such as pulling, pressing, bending, torsion, and unbalanced impact loads, and it is also subject to mud and rock wear. Therefore, the pipe is required. Must have sufficient strength, hardness, wear resistance and impact toughness, steel with steel "DZ" (Geological Pinyin initials) plus a number to represent the steel yield point, commonly used steel DZ45 45MnB, 50Mn; 40Mn2, 40Mn2Si of DZ50; 40Mn2Mo, 40MnVB of DZ55; 40MnMoB of DZ60; 27MnMoVB of DZ65. Steel pipes are delivered in a heat-treated state. Learn more about seamless steel pipe knowledge: http://?id=3

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