SKF bearing how the difference between the seal

How to "know the real thing"?

1, see SKF bearing logo. Some regular parts have certain marks, such as assembly marks on top marks of gear marks, used to ensure that the parts are correctly installed, and none can be purchased.

2, see skf bearing color. Some original parts have a certain color on the surface, and other colors are counterfeit parts.

3, look SKF bearing appearance. The original parts are printed or cast on the outside and the marking and marking are clear and formal, while the counterfeit products have a rough appearance.

4, see the paint. The unscrupulous trader simply disposes of used accessories, such as demolition, assembly, scraping, scraping, brush painting, etc., and then sells the products as qualified and illegally obtains high profits.

5, look at SKF bearing texture. The materials of the original parts are qualified materials according to design requirements, and counterfeit products are mostly made of cheap and inferior materials.

6, see missing. Formal assembly components must be fully intact to ensure smooth installation and proper operation. Some individual parts on the assembly are missing, usually "parallel imports," which makes installation difficult. Often due to the shortage of individual gadgets, the entire assembly components are scrapped.

7, see SKF bearing storage. If automobile parts have problems such as dry cracking, oxidation, discoloration or aging, they may be caused by poor environment, long storage time, and poor materials.

8, see SKF bearing engagement. If clutch pin rivets loose, brake hose degumming, electrical parts joints de-welding, paper filter joints, etc., can not be used.

9, see SKF bearing packaging. The original parts packaging is generally more standardized, uniform standard specifications, clear and regular printed writing, and counterfeit product packaging and printing is relatively poor, often can easily find flaws from the packaging.

10. Look at the SKF bearing process. The appearance of poor quality products is sometimes good, but due to poor manufacturing processes, cracks, sand holes, slag inclusions, burrs, or bumps are prone to occur. Cylinder pad extrusion deformation, easy to use when the seal is not strict and ablation, resulting in oil leakage, leakage and water leakage; piston and piston ring work surface burr easy to pull cylinder.

Playground Rubber Tile:

This Rubber Gym Flooring has the advantages on the followings:

1. Quality warranty: our rubber gym flooring produced strictly by the international standards, from the external looking to the quality control.

2. Characteristic for sports: Non-toxic, wear-resistance, anti-slip, shockabsorption and cushion, flexible and temperature resistant.

3. Service: rich OEM service and after-sale service.


1.Wear resistant
2.Weather proof
3.Slip resistant
4.shock absorbent
5.Environmental safety
6.Sound-absorbing, sound insulation

rubber floor tile

Scope of usage: 

Sports areas: sports center,wushu school.shooting gallery, gymnastics.
Public places: school sports instruments room,kindergarten,nursery,fitness room,path,pedestrian bridges,parks,stations,shopping malls etc.
Leisure and entertainment place:Children`s playground,elderly centers,training room,dancing room,bath center,swimming pool and other shore
Building construction: Office buildings,hotels,restaurants corridors,residential areas,outdoor plaza,KTV,office 
Home use:Bathroom,bedroom,balcony,living room

Rubber Gym Flooring

Our Advantage

1. Our factory: specializing in Rubber Sheet &rubber bumper block& rubber stair steps for 10 years, we can give you the best price and professional service.

2. Quality control: We have excellent management team in order to make the best quality products for its customers. 

3. Fast delivery: We have more than 200 workers, high production capacity. 

4. Our services: We can according to your request then specially designed making products for you

Playground Rubber Tile

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