Small bathroom shower room maintenance small bathroom shower room decoration matters

Many families now have their own separate bathroom, but the bathroom space is limited, so only the bathroom and sanitary ware can be put together. However, the shower room can make full use of a corner of the room and use a fence or glass to clearly separate the shower area. , so there is a shower room in your mouth. The following Xiao Bian introduced the small bathroom shower room maintenance and small bathroom shower room decoration matters.

Small bathroom shower room maintenance

1. In order not to affect the appearance of the shower room, wipe it with a soft dry rag when cleaning daily.

2, for that kind of push-pull shower room, pay attention to the maintenance of roller skating, should always clean up to prevent skating stuck.

3, if the surface of the aluminum alloy stains, you can use a special detergent to dissolve water and wipe.

Small bathroom shower room decoration matters

1, in the installation of shower room, we must first design the bathroom, improve the wiring, do a good job of protection switch, to avoid the use of leakage potential.

2, the size of the shower room must be careful to choose, to combine their own bathroom area and height to choose the right product, if too low or too high will feel very uncomfortable, so the size of the shower room must be properly.

3. The glass of the shower room is also a key point. The shower room glass of the swing door will be relatively large, and the stability is rather poor. Therefore, it is better to choose glass that is larger than 5.5 cm.

4. Although everyone will do waterproofing when decorating the bathroom, the shower room is a place with more water, so we can't ignore it. We must observe more water seepage and avoid inconvenience caused by future use.

5, small bathroom shower room in the purchase, do not try to get cheap, buy a poor shower room, but to choose to have after-sale protection, quality certificate, patent certificate of the big brands.

6. The heating equipment must be isolated from the shower room. This can prevent the heating equipment from being wet and affect its use. Excessively high or low temperatures can affect the glass of the shower room.

Editor's summary: About the small bathroom shower room maintenance and small bathroom shower room renovation items are introduced here, and hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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