Solar panel assembly and various functions

1) The role of tempered glass is to protect the main body of power generation (such as battery sheets). The choice of light transmission is required. 1. The transmittance must be high (generally 91% or more); 2. Ultra-white tempering treatment

2) EVA is used to bond fixed tempered glass and power generation main body (such as battery sheet). The quality of transparent EVA material directly affects the life of the component. EVA exposed to air is prone to aging and yellowing, thus affecting the transmittance of the component. In addition to the quality of the EVA itself, the impact of the assembly process of the component manufacturers is also very large, such as EVA glue is not up to standard, EVA and tempered glass, back sheet bonding strength is not enough, will cause EVA early Aging, affecting component life.

3) The main function of the battery is power generation. The mainstream of the main power generation market is crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film solar cells. Both have superior and inferior crystalline silicon solar cells. The equipment cost is relatively low, but the consumption and the battery are The cost is high, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency is also high. It is more suitable for thin-film solar cells in outdoor sunlight. The relative equipment cost is higher, but the consumption and battery cost are very low, but the photoelectric conversion efficiency is more than half of that of crystalline silicon cells, but The low light effect is very good and can generate electricity under normal lighting, such as solar cells on a calculator.

4) EVA acts as above, mainly bonding and encapsulating the power generation main body and the backboard

5) Back plate function, sealing, insulation, waterproof (usually TPT, TPE and other materials must be resistant to aging, now component manufacturers are guaranteed for 25 years, tempered glass, aluminum alloy is generally no problem, the key is in the back plate and silicone Can you meet the requirements?)

6) Aluminum alloy protective laminate, which plays a certain role in sealing and support

7) The junction box protects the entire power generation system and acts as a current relay station. If the component short-circuits the junction box to automatically disconnect the short-circuit battery string, the most critical factor in preventing the burnout of the entire system junction box is the selection of the diode, according to the battery inside the component. type

Different, the corresponding diodes are different

8) Silicone sealing function, used to seal components and aluminum alloy frame, assembly and junction box. Some companies use double-sided tape and foam instead of silica gel. Nowadays, silicone is widely used in China, the process is simple, convenient and easy to operate. The cost is very low.

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