Stainless steel gear pump construction features

Stainless steel gear pump, also known as sanitation pump, is mainly used in food industry. Stainless steel gear pump is a horizontal rotary pump, the main pump, gears, housings, safety valves, bearings and seals and other mechanical parts group. Stainless steel gear pump equipped with safety valve, when the gear pump or discharge pipe failure or mistakenly discharge valve is completely closed to produce high pressure and high pressure impact valve will be from the pump, bearing and so on for the gray iron, gear with high-quality carbon Su steel production, but also according to the special needs of users with copper or stainless steel material made of the bearing seat on the packing box, played the role of axial seal. KCB series gear pump with mechanical density device, the bearings using single row radial ball bearings. KCB-18.3 ~ 83.3-type pump with three oil-resistant rubber ring and the middle of a spacer ring composed of adjusting pressure on the cover of the two nuts to adjust the degree of sealing, bearings using copper-based powder oil bearing. In addition, stainless steel gear pumps can be filled with packing to good flexibility, high temperature and low temperature, chemical stability and self-lubricating flexible graphite as a filler. Open or remove some or all of the high-pressure liquid back to the low-pressure chamber, thus gear pump and pipe play a safety role. Elastic coupling with the drive motor directly connected and mounted on a common cast iron chassis.

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