Structural Characteristics of Mine Flameproof Sewage Discharge and Sediment Submersible Pump

BQS (W) mine explosion-proof sewage and sediment submersible pump is a combination of pump and motor power irrigation and drainage equipment, beautiful appearance, simple structure, good sealing performance, stable performance, long life, easy installation and use, and can Long-term continuous operation under water, is widely used in coal mine shaft, inclined shaft and bottom of loose coal slurry drainage automatic drainage. Built-in electric pump, the water flow through the motor sandwich, effectively extending the service life of the pump; External pump, impeller using double flow passage over-current structure, smooth operation, sewage capacity, anti-winding, And a small size, light weight, easy to carry features. Structural features BQS (W) series mine explosion-proof sewage and sediment submersible pumps in strict accordance with the coal industry standards MT / T671-2005 "flameproof submersible pump coal mine," the Republic of China national implementation of the standard GB3836-2000 " Explosive gas environment with electrical equipment "design and production, the use of Y-type dry flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor, with a large starting torque, good running performance, low noise, small size, light weight, easy maintenance and so on, as well as excellent Explosion-proof structural performance and high degree of protection, suitable for containing methane or coal dust and other explosive gas atmospheres, there is an explosion of mining underground mining face and roadway and other places supporting the use of pumps. Electric pump adopts O-shaped rubber seal as static seal, good structural performance, rubber vulcanization curve control technology to ensure the O-ring moisture resistance and aging of the quality and sealing performance. Dynamic seal with two sets of mechanical seals, and oil compartment isolation protection, effective for rotating friction pair to provide lubrication, the formation of fluid film lubrication protection, while releasing the accumulation of heat during exercise, thus extending the life of the mechanical seal to ensure that The sealing performance. Pump fluid components made of wear-resistant alloy cast iron, the pump part of the fluid mechanical design and balance of technology, effectively extending the service life of the pump. Use Coal Mine Hazardous Methane or Coal-dust Explosion Mining Face Drainage Coal Mine Shaft, Inclined Shaft Construction Drainage Shaft Without Water Tank Bottom-bottom Main Drainage Main Shaft Blowcrete Coal Bunker Automatic Drainage Laotang, Unpopulated Water Inflow Automatic Drainage Coal Mine Groundwater discharge with small solid particles such as coal dust and sediment Drainage and water drainage Disaster relief and rescue drainage Wastewater treatment and disposal in urban environmental system Conditions of Use The temperature of the conveying medium should not exceed 40 ° C with medium containing solid particles and its volume concentration generally does not exceed 2 % The pH value of the conveying medium is in the range of 4 ~ 10 Working environment temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃ The water depth of the pump is not more than 5m The maximum particle diameter of the solid in the medium is not more than 50% of the minimum size of the flow passage cross-

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