Submersible pump structure diagram interpretation

[Asia Fluid Network News] submersible pump motor and pump form one, then do not need to be installed on site, on-site installation convenient and fast. Submerged into the water run, can greatly simplify the pump station geotechnical and structural engineering, reducing installation area, saving a great job cost. With the development of our country's industry, more attention is paid to the relevant pump industry, and the understanding of the concentrated pump structure is also imminent. Submersible pump structure diagram Interpretation of concentration pump with low noise, no high temperature pump station to improve the operating environment, according to the requirements of the entire underground pumping station built to maintain the ground environment. Submersible motor with double or triple mechanical seal, F-class (temperature 155 ℃) moisture-proof insulation, protection class IP68 (IEC). The pump section adopts the national unified design hydraulic model, which has high reliability and is interchangeable with the traditional pump performance to facilitate the selection of users. Easy to operate, easy to implement remote control and automatic control. Submersible pump can solve the water level fluctuations of the rivers and lakes area to build pumping stations to solve the problem of motor flood control the most thorough way, and eliminating the pump between the long axis and the middle bearing, the unit operation is more stable and reliable. QZB, QHB two types of submersible pumps, for irrigation and drainage purposes, can also be used for industrial and mining docks, urban water supply and drainage, water supply projects, water supply and drainage stations. Axial submersible pump for low lift, high flow situations, mixed flow submersible pump with high efficiency, good cavitation performance, suitable for large water level changes and lift higher occasions, the transmission medium for the raw water or mild sewage, its The maximum liquid temperature is 50 ℃. Through the above structural analysis, we can understand the different structure of the heart of the pump has a different use of the occasion, but precisely because of these plus rich structure for the development of painstaking efforts to improve the market competitiveness. I believe in the future for a long period of time, concentrated on the structure of the pump will surely become a new topic. Related articles: Inhalation centrifugal pump (non-self-filling centrifugal pump) working principle and structure of the double-inlet pump double suction pump working principle and structure

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Rice Husk Power

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