The advantages and disadvantages of blood sandal furniture

Recently, blood sandalwood has attracted much attention in the industry. Even in terms of bracelets, blood sandalwood is almost monopolizing the world. What are the reasons why blood sandalwood is so popular? What are the advantages and disadvantages of blood sandalwood? The following small series will share with you the content of the advantages and disadvantages of the small stone.

血檀家具的优缺点 全面认识血檀

What is blood sandalwood?

Blood sandalwood, a kind of rosewood, belongs to the genus. Origin of Africa, because of its dark color, is purple or brown, so it is called "blood sand" in our country.

血檀家具的优缺点 全面认识血檀

Blood sandal furniture advantages

It combines the material characteristics of rosewood and rosewood. The wood is stable and not easy to crack. The wood has good toughness, high hardness and strong resistance to corrosion and stagnation. At the same level of craftsmanship, the furniture it produces is not inferior to the sandalwood rosewood. Its color is dark red, the texture is straight, and some materials have a fine texture similar to cow hair, which has good gloss and no special smell. It is suitable for carving works. Blood sandalwood has only appeared in the domestic timber market in recent years, and the quantity is low.

血檀家具的优缺点 全面认识血檀

Blood sandstone

The density of blood sandalwood varies from 0.75-1.3g/cm3. The density span is large, so there will be some “blood sand” which sinks to the water and some float on the water. The weight per unit area of ​​blood sandal is not as good as that of lobular rosewood. The oiliness of sandalwood is obviously insufficient. The taste of blood sandalwood is quite mixed when it is opened.

血檀家具的优缺点 全面认识血檀

The above is the relevant content of the advantages and disadvantages of blood sandalwood. More information is available in GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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