The demand of the downstream industry in the security industry has grown rapidly

The downstream industries involved in the security industry are very broad, ranging from government-level public projects to financial, telecommunication, and transportation applications, to civil security applications such as smart buildings and home security. These downstream industries have shown a growing demand for security systems in their future development.

According to Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Mould and Metals and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, the Shenzhen Security Industry Standards Alliance was established in Futian District. It is estimated that there are more than 4,300 security companies and more than 300,000 employees in Shenzhen. Last year, the industrial output value reached 75 billion yuan, accounting for about one-third of the country's total. However, due to the rapid development rate and the incomplete formulation of relevant laws and regulations, it often brings pressure to most of the security companies with qualifications and capabilities. However, the establishment of the Security Industry Standards Alliance is based on a cooperative organization dedicated to the research, development, application and service of security industry standards, aiming to promote the standardization of the security industry. The alliance will adhere to the purpose of improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, integrate industrial resources and social resources, build an advanced security industry standardization system, promote the government to formulate major policies and policies that are conducive to the standardization of the security industry, enhance the competitiveness of its members, and promote Industrial health, rapid development and development alliance. Richard Chess, chairman of the Global Security Alliance, said that Shenzhen is already a global manufacturing center for security products. The establishment of the Shenzhen Security Industry Standards Alliance will further enhance the influence and appeal of Shenzhen's “Security City”.

Demand for Security Applications in the Financial Industry The financial industry has always been the “big ticket for security applications” for security applications. Coupled with the major monitoring and upgrading systems and networking of major banks in recent years, these have brought tremendous business opportunities to the security industry.

“It is understood that at present, there are more than 350,000 financial business outlets in China, and there are only 40,000 outlets for postal savings. According to relevant departments, by the year 2014, there will be more than 400,000 ATMs in China. At the same time, more The convenient ATM machine and self-service bank will become the focus of the next bank development.” The industry insiders stated that at present, China’s bank security equipment application has basically formed the “five-year-updating” rule, plus every year on the security system must With less upgrade work, the security industry needs of the financial industry of almost one billion yuan per year are formed.

The needs of security applications in the telecommunications industry are known to those who are in the security industry, or can be seen at security exhibitions. Telecom operators are also involved in the security industry. Actually, they want to use existing resources to promote the network. product. Operators in the security promotion is very large, large-scale, strong. For many years, the telecommunications industry has been relying on operations to obtain revenue. Their operating system is very stable and standardized. The security industry as a big cake, and the telecommunications industry security market demand growth is not surprising.

Intelligent Building Market Security Application Demand With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the continuous emergence of advanced technologies, smart buildings and green buildings have shown rapid growth and gradually formed a prosperous vertical market. Luo Baihui believes: “Normally, people are more aware of the environmental protection actions and threats caused by environmental deterioration. We see that end-users are increasingly willing to make efforts to protect the environment. Everyone is talking about environmental sustainability. For many contemporary organizations, this has become its core value."

The president of a well-known company introduced that in the past, physical security was added as a supplement after the major design of the building project was completed. Nowadays, with the increasing emphasis on security and the building becoming more and more complex, the security design is able to Early involvement in the life cycle of the entire building. He said that early intervention of security design can help system integrators in the actual installation of the later period.

Video surveillance is needed at the construction site to prevent theft of property. At the same time, buildings with high sensitivity also require detailed and in-depth identity background verification and traffic management for builders and maintenance workers. "Developers and building management teams should consider in advance the advantages of electronic monitoring equipment and networks, installation of imaging equipment, cable ducting, electronic circuit containment and anti-jamming, and support. This requires the architectural design team to consider when drawing architectural drawings. The design of the security system.The successful application of the security system depends on the concept of 'deep protection'. Therefore, multiple physical and logical security measures and management methods should be used at the same time."

Smart home security applications everywhere everywhere there are so many baby, is not very worried about a thief coming in? Then install a smart anti-theft system. There is a very interesting "face recognition" anti-theft system. The computer camera records the appearance of the owner. When the stranger walks into the camera, the system automatically recognizes that it is not the owner of the home. The owner's mobile phone immediately receives the alarm message! This is not afraid of strangers coming in!

IoT intelligent lighting management system is installed in the home. When you go home, the light will be on and the brightness will be adjusted automatically as the environment changes. In a place where no one is at home, the lights will go out automatically, the owner will fall asleep, and the lights will automatically go out. In the end, green is not wasted!

Controlling electric appliances and curtains with a mobile phone or voice is actually not new. What's new is the curtain that knows the weather. This curtain is connected to the Bureau of Meteorology through the Internet. Once the Bureau of Meteorology publishes information on the forecast of the rain, the window will automatically close when it receives the message. Well, I didn't do anything to get out of the window and forget to close the window. After that, I asked the weather station.


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