U.S. Uses EEG Patterns to Interpret Memory Organizations - Making People Read Really

According to a report by the Physicist Organization Network on June 26, a joint group of the University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University published a new study showing that when people watch movie clips or images, listen to a certain sound, or even read articles, they use EEG. It is possible for the record to reconstruct what it sees and hears. The researchers used EEG records to study how the words in the memory process were organized and linked, allowing people to take a step closer to real “reading minds.” Related papers were published in the recently published "Journal of Neuroscience."

The volunteers involved in the experiment were patients with epilepsy. They implanted tiny electrodes in the brain as they waited for brain surgery. This allowed them to accurately observe electrical signals that could not be detected outside the skull. The researchers asked volunteers to learn 15 randomly selected words while recording their brain signals. After 1 minute, let them repeat these words in the order of those words that are thought to be in the brain.

As volunteers learn each word, researchers examine their EEG records and find signals in their brain that reflect the meaning of the word. About 1 second before retelling each word, the signal of the same meaning they produced when learning the word was spontaneously reactivated in their brain. As these signals were reactivated, the volunteers did not read, listen or read any words. Therefore, the researchers determined that what they saw at this time was the nerve signals of the inner thoughts generated by the volunteers themselves.

The researchers explained that different volunteers interpret the word's meaning before the activation signal is different. This difference can predict the order of the word restatement, and the degree to which the meaning signal is activated reflects that they will have similar words (such as "duck" and "Goose" grouping tendencies. Because the order in which the volunteers retell the words is the order in which those words randomly enter the brain, the different recall sequences show how their memories organize the words.

"Natural verbal retelling is the most common form of memory in people's lives, and it is unique to humans. But people still understand very little about the brain mechanism of this type of memory." The study leader, Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania College of Arts and Sciences Michael Kahana said that the experiment shows that the pattern of brain activity is directly related to the meaning of words, and also shows that the neural signals that express the meaning of words can predict the sequence of natural retelling. Language plays a key role in human thinking and communication. Therefore, recognizing the natural signals that reflect the meaning of words in the process of retelling makes us step closer to drawing a human brain.

Previously, they also used the same technology to predict how volunteers organized learning information according to learning time. The new study further revealed the neural signals that the brain organizes information according to its meaning.

“Everyone’s brainwave pattern forms a kind of 'nerve fingerprint', which can be used to read a person’s self-memory pattern organized by the relevance of words.” Hana Lab Postgraduate Jeremy Mann Ning said, "In addition to seeing how memory is organized in terms of time or words, this technique can also identify other neural signals, such as seeing how a person looks, size, material, sound, taste, position, or anything else. Measurable attribute indicators to organize the information learned.” (Chang Lijun)

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