Website consultants visit China Superhard Materials Network to guide the work

On June 23, Professor Qian Weigui, former chief engineer of Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute, Wei Fengwu, editor-in-chief of the original "Diamond Abrasives" magazine, and director of the website consultant Xia Yaofeng, Professor Wang Guangzu, Professor Li Yinjiang and deputy editor Wang Zhonggui Visit the China Superhard Materials Network to guide and guide the work.
The industry's seniors visited the various departments of the website accompanied by Liu Jinchang, general manager of the website, and Shi Lei, deputy general manager. The old predecessors first fully affirmed the authenticity and accuracy of the information on the website. At the same time, they hoped that the website will make more efforts in positioning and development direction, and strive to make the website become a more professional industry portal, which is really made for the industry. A bigger contribution.

R-22 as the most widely used Refrigerants, mainly used in household air-conditioning, commercial air conditioning, central air conditioning, mobile air conditioning, heat pump water heater, dehumidifier, refrigeration dryer, cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment, marine industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration, refrigeration condensing unit, display cabinets and other supermarket refrigeration two. Chlorofluoride equipment can also be used in the production of PTFE resin raw materials and intermediate fire Extinguishing Agent 1121, and for the polymer (plastic) physical foaming agent.
For reciprocating compressors, as the industrial, commercial, household air conditioning refrigerant system; can also be used as pesticides and paint aerosol sprays, can also be used in the production of fire extinguishing agent 1211; is the basic raw material for the production of a variety of fluorine-containing polymer compounds.

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