What is the characteristics of ductile iron pipe and ductile iron pipe?

What are the characteristics of ductile iron pipes and ductile iron pipes? The use of cast iron with a No. 18 or more addition of nodulizing agent, followed by high-speed centrifugal casting of centrifugal ductile iron machines, is called "ductile cast iron pipe" (Ductile Cast Iron). Pipes), referred to as tubes, ductile iron tubes, and ductile cast pipes. Centrifugal ductile iron pipe has the nature of iron, steel performance, excellent anti-corrosion properties, good ductility, good sealing effect, easy installation, and is mainly used for water supply, gas transmission and oil delivery in municipal, industrial and mining enterprises. It is the first choice for water supply pipes and has a high price/performance ratio. Compared with PE pipe, from the installation time, the spheroidal pipe is easier and faster to install than the PE pipe, and the inner and outer bearing pressures are better after the installation; from the perspective of hermeticity and corrosion resistance, the sealing property of the spheroidized pipe is better after the installation. Corrosion resistance can be improved by a variety of anti-corrosion measures; from the hydraulic performance point of view, because the specification of the spheroid tube generally refers to the inner diameter, the specification of the PE pipe generally refers to the outer diameter, because under the conditions of the same specification, the spheroidized tube can achieve greater runoff; In terms of comprehensive installation and maintenance cost, the ball-and-tube tube has a superior cost performance. The main components of ductile iron pipes are carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and magnesium. Spray zinc on the inner wall, cement mortar anti-corrosion materials, etc. Liaocheng Hongfu Pipe Co., Ltd. is a professional sales ductile iron pipe, seamless steel pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, high pressure alloy pipe, square pipe manufacturers, to understand the latest ductile iron pipe prices, seamless steel pipe prices, high pressure boiler pipe prices on the advice :0635-8888610 13336259444.

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