Which good infrared camera needs to consider?

Saying that a good infrared camera can not be separated from the number one night vision lens. However, when selecting a night-vision lens, we must pay attention to selecting a smaller F-number because the smaller the F-number, the better the night-vision effect will be. The selection of the night-vision lens directly affects the selection of the infrared lamp and the imaging effect of the infrared camera.

The current infrared camera technology is divided into two types, one is passive infrared technology and the other is active infrared technology. Passive infrared technology mainly utilizes the principle of infrared light emission from 0°C to 273°C above the object to perform night shooting. The active infrared camera technology relies on external auxiliary light sources, such as infrared lamps mentioned above. Using the camera's CCD image sensor, you can feel the spectral characteristics of infrared light, that is, you can feel the visible light, you can also feel the infrared light, so as to achieve night vision monitoring.
Most of today's market uses the latter, so when looking at an infrared camera, it is necessary to understand its infrared light.
Now infrared cameras generally use single-chip led infrared light or multi-chip led infrared light and there is a kind of halogen lamp, said white multi-chip led infrared light is to make up for the capacity of single-chip infrared light, will be more chip set Together, make it shine farther away. The halogen lamp's luminous power is very strong, of course, the power consumption and heat will be relatively large, so the cost is relatively high. The current infrared camera illumination distance is closely related to the weather, the environment and the surrounding light reflectance. The relative numerical irradiation distances are: 30W=5 to 15 meters; 50W=15 to 30 meters; 300W=80 to 120 meters; 500W=150 to 200 meters. The range applied by each industry can be determined by its wattage.
We must properly consider the environment, range, and infrared light and other comprehensive factors when choosing a suitable infrared camera.

Reflective warning`s reflection part of the garments is the use of lattice micro-rhombus type refraction and high refractive index of glass beads back to the principle of reflection, through the post-processing of advanced processing technology made. It can reflect the distant light back to the light. Both in the day or night have a good retroreflective optical performance. Especially at night, it can play the same high visibility as the day. The use of this high-energy reflective material made of safety clothing, whether the wearer is in the distance, or in the light or scattered light interference, it can be relatively easy to be found by the night driver.

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