Which of the sour and rosewood is better than the rosewood or the rosewood?

Mahogany furniture is a popular type of furniture on the market. When visiting the mahogany furniture market, it will be found that there are relatively many rosewood furniture and rosewood furniture. So what is the difference between rosewood and rosewood? Which is good for sour and pear? The following GO Jiaju Xiaobian explained to you.

酸枝和花梨木哪个好 是酸枝还是花梨更胜一筹

Rosewood and black rosewood, red rosewood in terms of weight difference rosewood belongs to the genus Pterocarpus, including seven species, respectively, Hedgehog rosewood, more Cambodian rosewood, Indian rosewood, Andaman rosewood, large fruit rosewood, sacred rosewood The tree species of the bird foot rosewood and the rosewood have the words "red sandalwood" behind them. Since they belong to one category, the seven kinds of wood have many similarities. Commonly found in the market are hedgehog rosewood and large fruit rosewood. Hedgehog rosewood is also known as the African rosewood, while the large fruit rosewood is known as the Burmese rosewood. The rosewood wood is light and soft, mostly floating in water, and the air dry density is 0.53-1.01 grams per cubic centimeter (average 0.79-0.91 grams per cubic centimeter);

酸枝和花梨木哪个好 是酸枝还是花梨更胜一筹

Rosewood includes black rosewood and red rosewood, red rosewood sinks in water, and 7 red rosewood (Bali Dalbergia, Saizhou Dalbergia, Sian rosewood, F. rosewood, Chinese and American Dalbergia) The air dry density of A. serrata and D. sylvestris is 0.90-1.22 grams per cubic centimeter (average 1.02-1.14 grams per cubic centimeter). Black rosewood also sinks in water, 8 kinds of black rosewood (knife-shaped black rosewood, black rosewood, broad-leaved rosewood, Lushi black rosewood, East African black rosewood, Brazilian black rosewood, Amazon yellow Tan, Belize Dalbergia has a dry density of 0.82-1.33 grams per cubic centimeter (average 0.92-1.06 grams per cubic centimeter).

It can be seen that in terms of weight, black rosewood and red rosewood are much heavier than rosewood wood. When shopping, consumers can pick up the weight.

酸枝和花梨木哪个好 是酸枝还是花梨更胜一筹

The difference between rosewood and black rosewood and red rosewood in fluorescence reaction

The wood shavings of these three types of wood are immersed in water, and the rosewoods are more fluorescent (the most significant of the bird's foot red sandalwood), while the red rosewood and black rosewood are not.

酸枝和花梨木哪个好 是酸枝还是花梨更胜一筹

The smell of rosewood and black rosewood, red rosewood also has a big difference

Rosewood wood has a spicy aroma, while the hedgehog rosewood has a scent; while the black and white rosewood has a strong sour scent.

酸枝和花梨木哪个好 是酸枝还是花梨更胜一筹

The difference in color is also obvious

The pears are reddish-brown to purple-red, relatively uniform, and have a homogenous ray structure, and have no tendency to form a ray, usually in a single row. Red black rosewood wood is reddish brown to purple red or black, relatively uniform, often mixed with dark stripes, the ray tissue is usually homomorphic, and the profile tends to be obvious, usually 2 columns, with fewer single rays.

酸枝和花梨木哪个好 是酸枝还是花梨更胜一筹

Summary: Through the comparison of the above aspects, we can clearly know that the rosewood is better than the rosewood wood, obviously the rosewood furniture is better, the rosewood is a more common kind of rosewood, and Rosewood is the high-grade mahogany after the lobular rosewood and huanghuali, and its collection value and investment appreciation potential is very large. When purchasing mahogany furniture, you can choose according to your needs and hobbies.

酸枝和花梨木哪个好 是酸枝还是花梨更胜一筹

The above is the relevant content of "wine and rosewood is better than rosewood or rosewood". For more information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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