Why do diatom mud do not add nano titanium dioxide?

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Recently, TV media and online media have paid close attention to the diatom mud industry. The reporter recently interviewed many professionals in the industry.

Some manufacturers mention photocatalysts. What kind of substance is photocatalyst? Photocatalyst is a general term for photo-semiconductor materials with photocatalytic function. It is coated on the surface of the substrate to produce catalytic degradation under the action of light. Among them, titanium dioxide is one of the catalyst substances. Many experts in the industry said that the air purification of titanium dioxide is accomplished by the photocatalyst mechanism, that is, the decomposition of certain harmful substances with the help of sunlight (ultraviolet light), and then the harmful substances are washed away by rain, so it is generally used for exterior walls. surface. However, indoors are rarely illuminated by ultraviolet light, and if people are exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time, skin cancer is easy to get. Even if there is light, the irradiation time is short, the air is not cleaned, and it is impossible to wash with water except the bathroom. Wall, so the air purification can hardly be expected. Therefore, titanium dioxide is generally only used in exterior wall products. Among them, nano titanium dioxide also has such catalytic degradation. However, the safety of nano titanium dioxide in humans has been controversial internationally.

It is for these reasons that a small number of companies with strong technology research and development capabilities in the industry insist on not adding nano-titanium dioxide to diatom mud, but adding a compound functional additive such as inorganic minerals with catalytic action. The catalysis between inorganic minerals is not limited by UV irradiation, and catalytic decomposition is prolonged. The purification effect of diatom mud on air is mainly measured from the following two aspects: formaldehyde purification efficiency and formaldehyde purification durability. The diatom mud to which a composite functional additive such as a catalytic inorganic mineral is added is greatly improved in the durability of formaldehyde purification.

More importantly, good diatom mud products must first ensure the environmental protection of the product itself. The environmental performance of products depends on the authoritative test reports at home and abroad, including national standards, industry standards, and international standards. In general, the standard for diatom mud products is F4 star is better than EO standard, EO standard is better than "diatom mud decorative wall material" industry standard, diatom mud industry standard is better than national standard. The following is a comparison of domestic and foreign standards:

Through the above comparison, we can see that the release limit requirement of F4 star for free formaldehyde is 0.12mg/L, which is the most stringent environmental standard in the world. F4 star products, no use area restrictions; F3 star products can only be used in less than 2 times the floor area, such as 10 square meters of floor area, 10 square meters of roof area, the wall area can not exceed 10 square meters; EO The standard is equivalent to F2 star products, F2 star products, can only be used in 0.3 times the floor area. If the floor area is 10 square meters, the wall area should not exceed 3 square meters.

Good diatom mud, first look at its own environmental protection, must look for F4 star certification when buying; Second, depending on the efficiency of formaldehyde purification and the durability of formaldehyde purification, you must ask the manufacturer for the authoritative test report in this regard.

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