Why is it necessary to install a surveillance camera on the construction site?

In order to strengthen the control of construction site safety production, many provinces and cities have issued technical specifications for the safe production of construction sites. The common point is to require remote video surveillance systems on construction sites to achieve dynamic and real-time management of the construction site. Effectively monitor the safety production, civilized construction, fire protection and other aspects of the construction site.
The site monitoring system consists of a front-end equipment, a network platform server integrated machine, and a monitoring terminal. The front-end equipment includes a camera and a video server, and the video server has a hard disk to realize video storage while real-time monitoring. The network platform server integrated machine can be built in the management center room, and the monitoring terminal can be a smart phone, a computer display, or a large screen. The live real-time video captured by the camera is transmitted to the monitoring terminal through the network platform server integrated machine, and the customer can realize real-time monitoring of the construction site or perform video playback when needed, simply by operation. The monitoring terminal is a large screen and a monitor display.
At the same time, because the camera of the site monitoring system needs day and night surveillance, you can use infrared cameras or star-level cameras. In addition, in order to prevent wind and rain, you should also install a shield on the camera; in addition, the camera must be on the construction site, on both sides of the building, on the top of the shelf, Special corners are installed, so that through the monitoring center keyboard and mouse operation, the up and down, left and right, the distance of the lens, the length and length of the lens, the aperture size operation, and the all-round monitoring of the construction site and personnel can be realized. Moreover, in order to meet the needs of construction site monitoring and networking, the use of wireless bridge WLAN has become an excellent choice for construction site monitoring systems.
When a camera is installed at a construction site, its role in the past was mainly to effectively supervise the people, goods and production on the construction site. In addition, in the era of "smart site", the camera has a bigger role!
Video surveillance to achieve dust and noise regulation
In general, people pay more attention to safety production issues in construction sites, so video surveillance has become an important technical defense measure for security. However, with the increasing construction sites in the city, the dust and noise of construction sites have a certain impact on people's living environment, so people pay more attention to the safety production, dust pollution and noise pollution of construction sites.
Many cities have previously made specific demands on the problems in construction sites. Among them, video surveillance is always an indispensable part. Through the video surveillance system, all departments can timely understand the basic situation of the construction site, project quality and safety dynamics, etc., to achieve multi-level remote monitoring and management of the construction site. Noise and dust monitoring is one of the new focuses in recent years.
The noise dust monitoring system is generally composed of four parts: online monitor, data transmission network, monitoring and management platform, and remote access. The system integrates Internet of Things, big data, video surveillance and cloud computing technologies. The online monitor is the core component of the whole system. It can quickly, accurately and real-time monitor, record and count the pollution indicators such as total particulate matter and noise, and activate the pollution alarm system. Once the alarm, the real-time data, the scene picture during the alarm, The address, phone number, contact information and other information of the pollution source will be immediately transmitted to the administrator page for quick processing. Video surveillance is to supervise the construction conditions on the site, providing evidence for dust pollution and noise pollution.
The data transmission network is the bridge between the front-end online monitor and the background supervision system. It completes the real-time collection and persistent storage of the front-end monitoring data, and also completes the transmission of the parameter control data of the online monitor by the back-end management platform, and the key problems are solved. It is the definition of the transmission protocol and the concurrent data transmission of a large number of online monitors. The monitoring and management platform completes the storage of monitoring data and pictures, and supports the administrators' real-time monitoring of front-end pollution sources, parameter adjustment of online monitors and cameras, and statistical analysis of historical monitoring data. The remote access function provides web-based system access. The monitoring management platform can support real-time monitoring data, images and videos of various devices on the public network, such as iPad, smart phone and PC.

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