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[China Aluminum Industry Network] Aluminum alloy company's alloy workshop upgraded the electrolyzer at the end of summer 2010, using a new tank control box developed by Central South University. Compared with the original tank, it has a narrow range of alumina in the control tank. Concentration, tons of aluminum power consumption decreased significantly and many other advantages. In terms of failure rate, the average monthly average of 7-8 boards in the fall, winter, and spring months was used, but in the previous three consecutive days, 10 sinks were interrupted and the same problem occurred. The remaining eight integrated circuits After the board was replaced, there were still two computers that lost centralized control and could not be replaced in time. Only the electrolytic operation team was notified to arrange the 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring every day. At that time, the repairman was sent back to the manufacturer to repair the board, and the board was repaired four days later. There are only six trials available in the workshop, and it takes time and money to spend.

The market price of the new slot control box is 12,000 yuan/each, there are five integrated circuit boards in each slot control box, and the average repair cost for each board is 1100 yuan. In order to completely solve this problem, the company quickly set up a research team. The four employees of the measurement class are the key members of the research team. Every day, 96 people measure the amount of electrolyzers and handle the safety of the tanks from time to time. After work and other work, a study was carried out in the duty room. After careful preparation, the duty room became a laboratory. After a simple division of labor, they began to test all the chips that purchased a board in advance. Kang Xueliang took a 40W bulb baking line. The chip on the board, Fan provincial hand took the infrared thermometer to detect the temperature of the chip, Li Yanfeng recorded the change of the display temperature, the monitor Jiang Yanqun carefully observed the signal box of the control box, frowning while thinking... With the chip temperature The rise, the use of light bulbs on the power of the control box security electronic components one by one, artificially heated one by one all electronic components to start troubleshooting, each component must be heated for more than 10 minutes ... ... the outdoor is the electrolytic cell, the indoor light bulb baking The chip temperature is close to the ambient temperature around the cell. To solve the difficult problems as soon as possible, they have forgotten the indoor heat.

There are a lot of chips, capacitors, crystal oscillators, resistors and other electronic components on a signal board. They stuff themselves in the house and bake them for three days with a light bulb. The effort pays off when the crystal oscillator temperature rises above 45. -50 °C, the "communication interrupted" signal suddenly appeared, and then continue to bake a board, when the critical temperature is reached, the fault appears, the original "transistor oscillator" is the real cause of the failure, that moment, sweating four comrades Feeling numb to stand, but could not conceal the bright smile under the sweat, but could not conceal the success of the joy. For this oscillator is only 6.5 yuan, plus another for a value of 92 yuan often damaged 82C250 chip, all the faults are OK! Totally less than 100 yuan. After eight days of unremitting efforts, the four comrades finally overcome this technical difficulty.

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